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Deceuninck with award for PVC recycling efforts

24 of February '23

The 33rd edition of the Woodwork Convention ended, during which the best and most innovative projects in the woodwork industry were awarded. The award in the "CSR - Best Social Projects 2023" program went to the Deceuninck Group for its PVC recycling activities and processes implemented in accordance with the Closed Circuit Economy. The company has been conducting environmental activities and social campaigns to promote the idea of sustainable development.

The 33rd Woodwork Convention was held at Gniew Castle on February 23-24 under the slogan "Poland's export woodwork - difficult times and what's next." The event featured lectures on the situation in the construction sector during the crisis. The organizers also presented awards to the winners of several prestigious competitions and industry programs. The award in the program "CSR - Best Projects of Social Character 2023" went to, among others, the Deceuninck Group, on behalf of which the award was received by Krzysztof Kalita, Product Director at Deceuninck Poland. Projects submitted to this program were evaluated in accordance with the principles of social responsibility, which include transparency and reliability of actions taken, ethical behavior and respect for international standards of doing business.

Deceuninck's sustainable policy

The committee appreciated the submitted project "PVC Recycling and Closed Circuit Economy at the Deceuninck Group," which includes a number of innovative activities affecting sustainability both globally and locally. The company has been promoting recycling solutions to its customers and end consumers for years, using PR and marketing tools. However, the company's commitment to sustainable raw materials management is evident primarily in its internal operations and processes, in line with the company's ESG strategy and the mission statement embedded in the Building a Sustainable Home slogan. The Deceuninck Group launched a high-tech recycling line at its Belgian plant in Diksmuide as early as 2012, and in 2018 increased processing capacity to 45,000 tons per year. In parallel, it is developing its logistics network and processes for sourcing post-industrial and post-consumer materials for reuse.

Deceuninck z nagrodą za działania na rzecz recyklingu PVC

Deceuninck with award for PVC recycling efforts


Using one ton of recycled PVC instead of virgin material means reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 1.2 tons and using 90% less energy. At Deceuninck, we have been using environmentally friendly solutions for a long time, and we plan to intensify these efforts. In 2022, we joined the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), pledging to further reduce emissions and increase the share of green energy in our processes. We are pleased that our actions have been noticed and appreciated by the chapter, and we believe that similar actions will soon be a standard in the construction industry," says Krzysztof Kalita, Product Director at Deceuninck Poland.

Behind the program "CSR - Best Projects of Social Character 2023" as well as the organization of the periodically held Woodwork Conventions is StolarkaVIP, one of the industry media, which deals with education and promotion of innovative solutions in the woodwork industry and the organization of industry conferences and trainings.

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