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Designing a piece of furniture based on plywood waste. Presentation of student work from the time of the pandemic

08 of May '22

OnMay 16 this year in Poznań, the Lab150 space at 150 Bukowska Street at 7 pm will host an opening of student works from three universities: ASP in Gdansk, ASP in Cracow and ASP in Wroclaw. The exhibition of furniture made from production waste is the result of experimenting with the reuse of raw materials, playing with form and putting the "less waste" principle into practice.

The students have created furniture prototypes out of sections of profiled plywood and 3D formats from Bester Plywood. The exhibition will be accompanied by a short introduction by representatives of the universities and a discussion on cooperation between business and universities to develop the topic of responsible approach to design. Guests who come to the opening will also be treated to a glass of wine and a small snack from Concordia Taste.

less waste

Most of the design activities undertaken by the students were guided by the broad idea of "less waste." This is an important topic in view of the need to rationalize the use of the world's natural resources and reduce waste generation.

The works presented in the exhibition were created during the academic years 2020 - 2021 and 2021 - 2022. During the activity, the students used 3D models of the formats provided by Bester Plywood. The studios also had at their disposal a large stock of production waste - bent-glued parts that were recyclable. Some of the projects were guided by the idea of changing an existing form, specifically, looking for a new use for it, using it in a different context.

authors and authors

The exhibition will feature furniture by: Julia Kurnik, Aleksandra Bosak, Dominik Stawarz, Dagmara Jarzyńska, Anna Rabczak (students of the Academy of Fine Arts Cracow, who made the projects under the direction of Dr. hab. Tomek Wójcik, Hubert Albertusiak, and Sylwia Siudak), Natalia Chudowska from ASP Wrocław (supervisors Dr. Stanisław Figiel, Magdalena Kasprzyca, Przemysław Słowik), Aleksandra Glamowska from ASP Gdańsk, and Dr. Filip Ludka from Tillagt.

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