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Don't be afraid of black

03 of December '19

Does sanitary ceramics necessarily have to be white? No. It is worth abandoning stereotypes and get originality. For the bathroom we usually choose bright colors and white sanitary ceramics. We approach saturated colors shyly, and judge black as an extravagance. Let's not be afraid of it. Black is bold, original and elegant. Trend researchers call it the color of the decade.

Possibilities of using black

Black in the bathroom is elegance. Black works well in glamour style, as well as in a modern interior, industrial. This color is recommended for elegant guest bathrooms, avant-garde bath rooms. It is also a favorite color of Designers used in men's suits. It is refined. It does not compete with other colors and materials. It likes wood, glass, metal, ceramics, fabric. Black can be used in the form of single accents such as sanitary ceramics, furniture fronts, countertops or tiles.

If you decide on an all-black bathroom, it may be worth it then, to use in it large areas of mirrors and glossy surfaces. In such an interior, let's also take care of appropriate lighting.

Sanitary ceramics

Extremely elegant are the models from the Vero series by Duravit. The Vero series of ceramics is considered a design classic. The simple, without unnecessary ornamentation rectangular form is not only elegant, but also timeless. That's why the series is a bestseller among the Duravit brand's offerings. Vero is also available in glossy black.
A new color in the Duravit range - anthracite matte - is a unique offering in the new Happy D.2 Plus series by sieger design. Anthracite matte can successfully be the strongest and most impressive piece of equipment. It allows us to get nobility, elegance and super modernity in the bathroom.

Washbasin included

Duravit's series are complete. We can choose the size of the washbasin, we can complement it with a toilet, bidet, bathtub, shower tray. Washbasins from the Vero series are available in sizes from 45-120 cm in length. They have different widths from 25 to 50 cm. We can choose from wall-mounted, countertop, under-counter and furniture washbasins with a practical storage surface. The rectangular form of these washbasins provides an ergonomic solution for all spatial conditions. Another suggestion will be the Happy D.2 Plus series. The D-shaped form of the washbasin timeless, edgy is like the name of the series gives a happy start to the day in the bathroom.

Fashionable mixers

Currently, black fixtures are very fashionable. Extremely impressive is the faucet D.1. Its slender line and distinctive shape has become synonymous with elegance and modernity. The handle located on the right side of the D.1 two-hole faucet reflects the shape of the flat drain, creating a harmonious whole. Now it is also available in the D.1e electronic version, allowing you to use even less water and exceptional convenience in use. The D.1 faucet line was designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodrigues.

Industrial frame

In modern and industrial bathrooms, the Viu washbasin set with integrated black anodized aluminum rack of the XViu series will look great.
Together with the Viu ceramic washbasin, they form a very dynamic and original combination.

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