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Another dimension of lighting. DPS Light installations

11 of September '20

The DPS Stretch Ceilings brand has specialized in ceiling and wall design solutions for many years. With the development of technology, classic stretch ceilings have evolved, giving the opportunity to create unique light installations: DPS Light. As a result, today's DPS offer includes a wide variety of lighting solutions, starting with light ceilings, through walls, panels and light profiles, and ending with a line of modern lamps. Responding to the diverse needs of the market, DPS Group offers both decorative solutions and large-format lamps for commercial spaces.

Sufit napinany –
jasna kantyna w biurze © DPS Light

Stretched ceiling - a bright cantina in the office


Stretched ceilings - originality and unlimited design possibilities

The distinguishing feature of stretch ceiling technology is its originality. It is difficult to find two designs that are the same, whether they involve stretch ceilings with backlighting or starry sky ceilings, as well as smaller forms like plafonds or lamps. DPS materials give designers unlimited possibilities and freedom in the choice of forms and shapes. Thanks to the great flexibility of PVC foil, the stretch membrane can be formed in any way you like, in one or more planes. The culmination is the selection of appropriate lighting integrated into the ceiling, which, thanks to the use of LED systems, also provides a wide range of design possibilities.

Sufit świetlny ponad
żywą, roślinną ścianą PL: © DPS Light

Light ceiling above a living plant wall


Large format and decorative lamps

DPS Light's offer also includes popular small and large format lamps. These are classic solutions that play a decorative and lighting role. Based on tension membrane technology, DPS Group offers customers lamps suspended on cables and plafonds, mounted directly on the ceiling or wall. We offer lamps with standard shapes, but each product is created to individual order. This allows the customer to choose both the size and the finish.

Oświetlenie sufitowe
DPS LED w strefie wejściowej biura © DPS Light

DPS LED ceiling lighting in the entrance area of the office


Our range of lighting and lamps is aimed at interior architects, lighting designers, stage designers or designers who have the courage to create completely individual and personalized projects.

For more information, visit the company's Grupa DPS Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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