CeraFloor linear drains, or a minimalist bathroom without a shower tray

01 of November '20

Modern, open and minimalist bathroom with Dallmer solutions
From the series "Fashionable bathroom - trends 2020".

Today's bathrooms are open, individual and modern to the smallest detail. In shower drainage without a shower tray, solutions that meet the same conditions are sought. The elegant answer in this case is the CeraFloor model from Dallmer. This linear drain with a minimalist design, made of high-quality stainless steel, will beautify any bathroom. The integrated cross slope directs water through a rail directly into the drain.

CeraFloor is ideal as a linear drain for installation in the floor surface, but depending on the shower, it can also be installed near the wall. In combination with the DallFlex system drain, it provides reliable shower drainage.

CeraFloor Select.
Exclusive premium linear drain

Odpływ liniowy CeraFloor Select - antracyt © CeraFloor

CeraFloor Select linear drain - anthracite

© Dallmer

A solid 6 mm thickstainless steel linear drain for wall-mounted or in-floor installation. CeraFloor Select is the perfect solution for both spacious bathrooms, drainage of spa areas and circulation drainage near swimming pools, as it allows for long lengths by connecting in series. The drain received the IF Design Award 2016, Good Design, German Design Award - Special 2016.

CeraFloor Individual.
Elegant, minimalist linear drain

Odpływ liniowy
CeraFloor Indyvidual © CeraFloor

CeraFloor Indyvidual linear drain

© Dallmer

Individuality is sought more than ever in modern bathrooms and spa areas. Investors expect solutions that are not only aesthetically and technically perfect, but also offer the greatest possible freedom of design. CeraFloor Individual is the answer: the cover of this elegant, minimalist linear drain can be finished with almost any type of tile - making it blend harmoniously with its surroundings. Additional possibilities for individual design are offered by a variety of color variants: matte stainless steel, anthracite, red gold and brass. The CeraFloor Individual linear drain, designed for aesthetically pleasing installation in an alcove, is adjustable in length to the millimeter and available in a size of 1500 mm. CeraFloor Individual received the ICONIC AWARDS 2019 Innovative Architecture - best of best award and an honorable mention in the 2020 Bathroom Choice Awards.

CeraFloor Pure.
Economical linear drain

Odpływ liniowy
CeraFloor Pure © CeraFloor

CeraFloor Pure linear drain

© Dallmer

Made of squared stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm, CeraFloor Pure is an extremely lightweight and economical version of the original, while featuring all the features of Dallmer linear drains. For this reason, it is ideal for furnishing large facilities. The CeraFloor Pure model is available in 900 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm lengths.

Advantages of CeraFloor linear drains

Compatible with the DallFlex drain body

The body of the drain is suitable for installation both against the wall and away from the wall - in the middle of the bathing area. The cuff, which is tightly attached to the body, allows a reliable connection to the waterproofing, providing a perfect seal within the drainage area, the adjustable feet with sound insulation are used for perfect leveling, and the three-positioned drain spigot with a ball joint allows the drain to adapt to almost any installation conditions. The large removable trap is very easy to clean, so that not only the installation but also the maintenance of the drain is not a problem at all.

Elementy odpływu

Linear drain components using CeraFlex Indyvidual as an example

© Dallmer

Tailored to individual needs

The CeraFloor model is available in three versions: the premium version CeraFloor Select in solid stainless steel, CeraFloor Individual designed to be tiled for maximum design freedom, or the economy version CeraFloor Pure in squared stainless steel.

Versatile lengths

Linear drains allow for precise shortening as needed. The CeraFloor Select linear drain can also be installed in series, allowing almost any length.

Any location

The CeraFloor Select and CeraFloor Pure linear drains can be installed both in the floor surface and against the wall, while the CeraFloor Individual model is designed for installation in the floor surface.

Integrated cross slope

The integrated transverse slope on the CeraFloor Select and CeraFloor Individual models optimizes surface drainage and makes "envelope" slopes unnecessary

Sound insulation and fire protection

The drains meet the stringent requirements for noise protection in accordance with DIN 4109 and VDI 4100, and fire protection components are also available for vertical drains.

In addition to the classic matte and polished stainless steel finish versions, Dallmer also offers PVD-coated linear drains in anthracite, red gold and brass. They provide plenty of inspiration for the architecture of modern bathrooms and spa areas, where individuality is sought more than ever before.

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