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Dallflex and Dalldrain - drain systems for bathroom design

27 of November '22

The detail makes the difference

Dallmer brand drains stand out in many ways: advanced technology, high-quality materials and award-winning design (IF Design Award, Good Design and RedDot Design Award).

DallFlex drains

The flagship DallFlex drain system is based on the concept of separating the linear drain from the drain body, which provides greater installation flexibility and great design possibilities for showers without a shower tray. On the same drain body, as many as 9 types of linear drains can be installed. A three-positioned drain spigot with a ball joint, the possibility of any location in the shower surface, extreme ease of cleaning are just a few of the many advantages of the DallFlex system.

CeraWall Individual, mosiądz

CeraWall Individual, brass


Dallmer's innovative design, facilitates hygiene and optimizes drainage performance:

  • the siphon is completely removable, without the use of tools, allowing it to be cleaned easily and thoroughly, while at the same time providing trouble-free access to the rest of the drain if necessary
  • a fleece cuff, mounted on a lip seal, combined with two layers of liquid insulation, provides a perfect seal within the water reception area
  • specially designed, rotating frame, makes it possible to correct the distance of the siphon from the wall, so as to adjust its position to different thicknesses of wall cladding, even after the body is installed in the screed adjustable feet, with sound insulation, allow for perfect leveling of the body

The DallFlex system is a body with two installation heights - 90 mm DN50 or 65 mm DN40 - and nine drainage strips, with different designs. Dallmer slats are designed for wall mounting (Wall models) or offset from the wall (Floor models), as well as a compact version for mounting with an envelope slope.

Slat models of the DallFlex system

Long slats:

  • CeraWall Select
  • CeraWall PURE
  • CeraWall Individual
  • CeraFloor Select
  • CeraFloor PURE
  • CeraFloor Individual

Short Slats:

  • CeraFrame
  • Zentrix
  • CeraNiveau

All long slat models have a factory-made integrated cross-slope, which ensures effective drainage of water from the sides of the shower. The strips are installed across the full width of the shower, so there is no need to cut tiles to envelopeslopes. This is ideal for large-format tiles or natural stone.

CeraFrame Individual, do wypełnienia płytką

CeraFrame Individual, to be filled with tile


Three versions of the CeraWall and CeraFloor models offer solutions for different bathroom finishing concepts, from the expressive Select and PURE, to the minimalist, almost invisible Individual, with a cover to be filled with tile or stone. Depending on the model, a variety of lengths are available, from 800 to 2000 mm, in 100 mm factory increments. The CeraWall Select and Individual models, from 1300 mm, offer the option of a double drain body, for increased drainage capacity, while the Floor models, can be connected in series if a drain longer than 2000 mm is needed.

The slats can be shortened in millimeter increments as needed, allowing for a precise fit in the bathing area. In addition to the classic finish in stainless steel (matte or polished in the CeraWall Select and CeraFloor Select lines), the Dallmer brand also offers line drains with matte PVD coating in anthracite, red gold and brass (available up to a length of 1200 mm).

DallDrain Colour Collection, szary granat RAL 5008

DallDrain Colour Collection, RAL 5008 garnet gray.


DallDrain system

Another Dallmer brand system that offers new possibilities for the design of modern bathrooms is the DallDrain system. These are easy-to-install spot drains, with a wide range of accessories. There are three drain bodies to choose from: horizontal with mounting heights of 55 mm or 85 mm, and vertical. The bodies can be combined with caps: Select - with a solid, decorative stainless steel grate, Individual - to be completed with a tile, or Pure - an economical alternative, combining a stainless steel grate with a plastic frame.

DallDrain Individual, do wypełnienia płytką

DallDrain Individual, to be filled with tile


The bodies are equipped with a flexible sealing cuff for connection to composite seals. The two-piece trap is easy to clean and ensures optimal hygiene. In the ultra-low version of the DallDrain Plan, there is an option of a dry trap, which prevents unpleasant odors from escaping from the sewer system.

CeraWall Select, stal nierdzewna

CeraWall Select, stainless steel


New to the DallDrain system is the ColourCollection - stainless steel decorative grates in 16 RAL colors, providing a wide range of design possibilities - whether you want the color of the grate to coordinate with the tiles or contrast strongly with the bathroom decor: white, black, dark gray, beige, juicy green, forest green, olive brown, red orange, ruby red, telemagenta, light pink, ultramarine, sea blue, gray garnet, sky blue, sunny yellow. All grates in this collection are available in two sizes - 100x100 mm and 120x120 mm.

Such a wide range of models and versions of finishes makes Dallmer drains, complement any design of modern bathrooms and spa areas.

For more information, visit the company's DALLMER / Wirex Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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