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Dziurawy dom studios 81.WAW.PL

06 of March '20

On the surface, it is a typical house, similar to those that abounded in the 1970s in Poland. Four walls, flat roof - we all know it. However, designers from the 81.WAW.PL office decided to play with convention - and that's how the House of Holes was created.

The flat roof has remained, the body seemingly also resembles the classic one. From the street side, the facade does not yet reveal too many secrets of the house, but only at first glance. Signs of difference can be seen only from the floor level - these are the windows placed in the retracted part of the building. There are already two "holes" above the main entrance and the garage, giving the facade a lightness - quite the opposite of the classic concrete, heavy cube. From the garden, a partially obscured terrace can be seen, which is also provided by the specific design of the building.

On the one hand, the house may seem closed, inaccessible, but the frames created by the architects open up the space, while providing privacy for the residents. "Holes" were arranged to frame specific views - a tree that grows from the center of the wooden terrace or the sky. All windows were also placed in such frames, thus avoiding aesthetic clashes and inconsistencies.

House of holes

Photo: Bartek Zaranek

Large glazing on the first floor provides good lighting for this part of the house. Thus, the superstructure's "holes" do not "steal" sunlight, at the same time saving the block from classic simplicity. The architects also broke with the grayness of a typical cube - the Hole House has a white facade, which is interrupted by elements imitating wood made of HPL panels, so they will remain durable and good-looking for longer.

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