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An indispensable element of any interior. What to pay attention to when choosing a window sill?

24 of September '21

It complements the character of the interior, covers radiators, and can be used as a shelf. An interior window sill is an extremely important element of any room, so when choosing one, you should be guided by the quality of workmanship, aesthetics and quick and easy installation. If you are about to replace or refresh your windowsill, we will show you in a few simple steps how to best fit it into your four corners.

When renovating or arranging a space, we often focus mainly on the choice of the window itself, forgetting about the window sill - and with it, after all, we can aesthetically finish an important part of the space. It also has different uses in different rooms. We put flowers on it, a cup of our favorite coffee or put a pillow for our pet. Now we do not need a long and complicated renovation to replace our windowsill: it only takes a few hours to enjoy its new look.

Durable material is a must!

The window sill is exposed to many factors during the day: sunlight, drops of water or claws of the cat or dog. Therefore, at the very beginning, choose a solid material from which the window sill is made. Vilo brand offers window sills and caps made of durable PVC plastic. It protects against moisture and impacts, plus it is easy to maintain: you only need water and detergent to get rid of unwanted dirt. The window sills are covered with a good quality film veneer, which is resistant to sunlight.


The color of the window sill matters

Choosing the right shades is a favorite part of the arrangement for many of us. However, when choosing the color of the windowsill, it is worth sticking to a few simple rules. Consider the room in which you want to install the sill or put an overlay. Then consider whether you want a strong decorative accent or just a subtle complement to the space. Remember that the window sill should, above all, match the rest of the window's decor: a marble shade with a delicate pattern, which you can find in the Vilo brand's offer, will go perfectly with a white frame. Wooden windows should be complemented with a sill or overlay in the shade of walnut, golden oak or winchester. In a kitchen or bathroom of smaller size, bet on white, which will brighten the room and optically enlarge it. If expressive furniture or walls come to the fore in the living room, you can match them with a window sill in an original shade. Vilo brand, following the tastes of its customers, has prepared a unique anthracite color that will give a unique character to the space.


Choose ready-made sets

In home improvement stores you will find window sills and overlays in several variants of length and width, so you can choose a product to suit your needs, and if necessary cut it to the desired dimensions yourself later. To save your time, the Vilo brand has also prepared sills and caps in sets with plugs. This way you no longer have to waste time selecting and searching for individual elements.


Easy, fast and pleasant, that is, time for installation

If you are at the stage of renovation, you can install the window sill already while plastering. However, this is not the only solution! Window sills and caps can also be mounted at various stages of interior metamorphosis. In addition, you can easily install them yourself, saving your time and money. Sills in older tenements are a frequent challenge, as they cannot be completely replaced. Overlays become an ideal solution, which you can quickly apply to a damaged window sill without tedious forging. For this you only need mounting glue and a fine-toothed saw. Not sure where to start? Vilo brand has prepared a short instructional video to help you learn the individual steps of installation.



Vilo is a brand in the home furnishings industry, combining good design and affordable prices. The brand offers decorative walls, doors, floor and upholstered panels, underlayments for panels, as well as floor profiles, baseboards and interior window sills. These are tailor-made products for quick, do-it-yourself home renovation. They are available both in home improvement stores and traditional retailers. The Vilo brand is one of the brands of the VOX Capital Group.

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