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Modern garden hearths inspired by geometric shapes

15 of July '20

Spending time around a campfire under the stars is one of the highlights of summer and early autumn evenings. Backyard fireplaces look beautiful after sunset, when a fire is lit in them, but during the day they do not look so picturesque. Fortunately, burnt patches on the lawn no longer have to haunt our gardens. Modern fire pits are the ideal solution.

Leds, neon lights and LEDs lose out to the natural glow of a live fire. The flickering flames of a bonfire illuminating the darkness of the night create a unique, extremely intimate and warm atmosphere. It is impossible to recreate it with artificial lights, so it is worth choosing a modern version of garden hearths, which allow you to enjoy the beauty of fire in any garden, terrace or lawn. Thanks to the elegant design, the hearths will fit into any garden.

modern and elegant hearths

It is no longer necessary to have a large garden with a separate, carefully prepared place for a fire. All you need is a small garden hearth, which will take care of the warm, cozy atmosphere and allow you to enjoy the natural glow of the fire. Scorched black large spots in the garden and on lawns and damaged sidewalks are a thing of the past. Freestanding fireplaces, made of the highest quality materials, can be placed anywhere without disturbing the structure of the ground.

Wolnostojące paleniska ogrodowe inspirowane geometrią

Lovers of classic elegance will certainly like hearths with a more traditional design, such as a refined czara or a stylish patera

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Garden hearths inspired by the beauty of the mathematical world in the shape of a triangle or hexagon. Lovers of classic elegance will certainly enjoy hearths with a more traditional design, such as a sophisticated witchcraft or stylish patera. Each of the garden hearths will be an interesting decorative element of the garden. After all, modern design is all about freedom of creation and the art of creating so as to simultaneously surprise with form and comfort of use.

In garden hearths it is recommended to burn dry wood, preferably from deciduous trees, and to use only natural kindling for kindling, thus taking care of the environment and not contributing to air pollution and smog.

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