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Elica NicolaTesla Fit cooktop with Iconic Awards 2021.

12 of March '21

The NikolaTesla Fit cooktop received top honors at the 2021 Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior for the most innovative solution: the integration of a cooktop with an extractor for installation in 60 cm wide cabinets. The award from the International Design Council underscores Elica's significant role as a style pioneer and interior design icon.

NikolaTesla FIT is the first induction cooktop with integrated extractor that can be installed in a cabinet only 60 cm wide. The hob has been designed to accommodate different installation options as an extractor or absorber. Thanks to its Autocapture technology, NikolaTesla FIT automatically adjusts the vapor and odor absorption mode to the hob's heating power, striking the perfect balance between silence, performance and energy efficiency.

The initiator of the international Iconic Awards competition is the German Design Council. It is one of the world's most important institutions for design and architecture expertise. The awards and prizes are given to innovative products, visionary architectural buildings, innovative projects in architecture, interior architecture, product design and brand communication.

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