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The Municipal Parliamentary Agenda has been formed!

26 of October '23

The recent elections have affected not only the slow process of changing power and forming a new government, but also local government issues. Even before the elections, urban movements from all over Poland joined forces to present their demands.

As part of our #ThursdayReport series, we present documents, reports and guides on architecture, cities and local government that are certainly worth publicizing and promoting. This week we look at the "Urban Parliamentary Agenda 2023," which is a document drafted by urban movements from across Poland. Twenty associations and movements from across Poland were signatories to the agenda.

Following the presentation of the report "10/10. 10 Challenges for the 10th Parliamentary Term from a Business Perspective," compiled by the Policy Insight team, which primarily covered the topic of changes at the central level, we present a document that talks about the need in other aspects.

At first glance, it may seem strange that urban movements are turning to the level at the central level with solutions. However, at the very beginning of the agenda, the need for cooperation in developing some of the tools and solutions between the central administration and local governments was indicated.

sygnatariusze MAPu

MAP signatories

© Municipal Parliamentary Agenda

What do activists from all over Poland lean on? They grouped their demands into six areas.

The agenda is available on the website of the City Is Ours association.

greener cities

The first area focuses on greenery, blue infrastructure and the fight against air pollution. Activists call for strengthening water regulations, more frequent water quality inspections, and raising the competence of local governments to protect water. In the context of water, there is an argument for renaturalization.

It is also necessary to introduce central standards for the protection of greenery, increased dendrological supervision and more precise definitions of tree damage and destruction. Included in the demands are ideas to introduce a fund to combat concretions.

No less important is the topic of improving air quality - increasing the budget for thermal modernization, reducing bureaucracy in the Clean Air Program, better control of waste burning.

obszar dot. zieleni, wody i powietrzw

green, water and air area

© Municipal Parliamentary Agenda

how will we live?

Another area raised by the activists is housing and efforts to regulate it. Among the demands were systemic restrictions on the sale of land and public housing, strengthening public investment in housing or curbing speculation.

In addition to supporting measures to increase supply by the government and local government, an important issue was to pay attention to the regulation of the short-term rental market, which would reduce the reduction of supply in tourist cities.

obszar dot. mieszkalnictwa

housing area

© Urban Parliamentary Agenda

fighting for good space

Public spaces appear alongside green space and housing, not coincidentally. Activists and activists point to the need to remove architectural barriers, improve accessibility or proximity to green urban areas.

Equally important was the creation of conditions for pedestrians, a landscape law for the whole country or protection of suburban areas. There was also an argument for mandatory urban planning standards for municipalities.

obszar dot. przestrzeni publicznej

public space area

© Urban Parliamentary Agenda

mobility for everyone

Among the mobility solutions that are impossible to implement from the municipal level is the idea of a nationwide monthly ticket. Activists also call for an increase in the number of sectional speed measurements, recognition of illegal racing as a criminal activity, or subsidizing the police.

Among the demands is also a valorization of the tariff on parking fines and a fight against wild parking. The report includes encouragement to create a program to support the purchase of electric bicycles or strengthen comprehensive traffic surveys. The authors of the report point to the need for a "return to safe cabs."

obszar dot. mobilności

mobility area

© Urban Parliamentary Agenda

new role of local government

The agenda also includes demands for public participation. Among other things, we can find here a postulate for unification of rules for filing civic resolution initiatives, reliable public consultations or creation of healthy mechanisms against media corruption.

From the perspective of local government, it was also important to draw attention to the demand for 100% funding for tasks entrusted to municipalities. The authors note the creation of conditions for easier implementation of metropolitan laws. The document also suggested a restriction for councilors, by prohibiting the employment of councilors in offices and introducing two terms of office in municipal councils.

obszar dot. samorządu

local government area

© Municipal Parliamentary Agenda

last but not least - noise

Noise is not a popular topic in Polish politics, which is perhaps why it has found its place as a separate area on the agenda. Activists want to introduce a multi-level educational campaign on noise pollution. Following the example of other European countries, the creation of a network of sound speed cameras, as well as the strengthening of technical solutions that promote quiet driving.

obszar dot. hałasu

noise area

© Urban Parliamentary Agenda

new direction

Facing many challenges, the government authority has always had strong support from local governments, which have felt disadvantaged by centralization processes. Many of the solutions and tools mentioned in the agenda are ad hoc implementable solutions, while others require years of hard work.

Whether they will be used remains an open question.

The agenda is available on the website of the City Is Ours association.

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