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Etex acquires SCALAMID

08 of January '24

Etex, a global manufacturer of building materials and a pioneer in lightweight construction, has taken a decisive step to further enhance architectural design with the acquisition of SCALAMID, a company that produces fiber-cement panels using state-of-the-art digital printing and coating technology. With the strategic move, Etex will offer customers new design capabilities. It is also reinforcing its commitment to innovation in the lightweight construction industry.

Płyty włókno-cementowe SCALAMID powstają z wykorzystaniem najnowocześniejszej technologii druku cyfrowego i powlekania

SCALAMID fiber-cement panels are created using state-of-the-art digital printing and coating technology

© Etex

SCALAMID, headquartered in Sobota near Poznan, operates a state-of-the-art fiber-cement panel production and finishing line with potential for expansion. The groundbreaking technology acquired as part of the deal makes it possible to print designs, images and colors directly onto fiber-cement panels, providing new opportunities for Etex's architects and designers customers. SCALAMID fiber-cement panels are known for their quality. They are widely used both indoors and outdoors in building facades.

Etex acquired SCALAMID from Pozbruk, a company with more than 35 years of experience as a Polish manufacturer of concrete elements such as precast systems, paving blocks, fences and garden architecture products.

The acquisition of SCALAMID represents a significant step on Etex's path to continued growth and innovation in the building materials sector. We are excited about the potential to grow and reach new markets with new applications, better service to our customers and state-of-the-art solutions.

Bernard Delvaux
Etex CEO

Joining forces with SCALAMID will further enhance the capabilities of our EQUITONE brand in fiber-cement panels with new coated and printed fiber-cement panels. Our vision is to offer more choices to our customers by providing flexibility, meeting specific requirements and customizing our offerings. The potential for creating truly unique fiber-cement designs is now unlimited.

Michael Fenlon
head of Exteriors at Etex

SCALAMID will be managed by Robert Sykula under the leadership of Guido Van Den Berghe, head of production at EQUITONE and Cedral at Etex.

In SCALAMID, Etex has found an ideal partner for further development. We look forward to working with our new colleagues and their contribution to Etex's growth by leveraging the EQUITONE brand and securing a market leadership position in a consolidated competitive environment.

Robert Sykula
new leader, plant manager

As part of the Etex family, SCALAMID will continue to operate under its brand, serving existing customers integrated into Etex's strong organization and European network of fiber-cement plants.

Etex przejmuje SCALAMID

Etex acquires SCALAMID

© Etex

Etex in Poland has a total of six plants and employs nearly 500 team members who manufacture products under other renowned brands such as EQUITONE, Cedral, Promat, Siniat and URSA.

Etex press release

Warsaw, 3.01.2024

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