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TECHNONICOL mineral wool factory in Wykroty. Official opening

04 of September '21

September 15, 2021 will see the official opening of the TECHNONICOL mineral wool factory in Wykroty. This event is an ideal opportunity to talk about how to produce and build smartly, safely and ecologically. How to build optimally.

TN International is a manufacturer of high-quality insulation materials that provide comprehensive protection for structures - from the foundation to the roof. Since 1992, first as TECHNONICOL, then as TN International, it has offered fully compatible systems used in the construction of single- and multi-family homes, industrial plants, bridges and public buildings.

With 56 manufacturing plants in 7 countries and a product presence in 117 countries, the company improves the safety and quality of life for millions of people around the world. On the Polish market, the TECHNONICOL brand has been present for more than 15 years.

In April 2021, the company began production in Poland. The mineral wool factory in Wykroty (Lower Silesia Province) is the company's first plant in Poland and one of the largest investments in the company's history.

The factory, built on a 20-hectare site in the Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Small Business, plans to produce 90,000 tons of mineral wool annually. The new plant in Wykroty, Lower Silesia, supplies a full range of products - both general construction products for attic or partition wall insulation, and wool for ventilated facades, ETICS insulation or flat roof insulation.

The company's mission is to ensure maximum environmental protection. The factory in Wykroty is fully self-sufficient and waste-free. The waste generated is processed and used in further production, e.g. dust from panel formatting or fiber formations from the pulper is used in the production of briquettes. The capacity of the briquetting plant is 180 tons per day. Gas afterburning systems and numerous filters are also used to emit only minimal amounts of pollutants. The factory employs 167 workers who ensure the highest quality of building materials for both Polish and foreign customers in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

Registration and conference details are available on the organizer's website.

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