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Multifunctional relaxation space: case study of Fakro in Moscow

26 of January '21

Moscow, one of the largest cities in the world, is the vibrant and contrasting heart of Russia. Filled with natural light, a place where one can regain balance and tranquility after a hard day has a unique value in this bustling metropolis. Just such a secluded space was designed in a living room in the attic of one of the buildings located in this city.

Photo: © Fakro

Order and harmony

The distinguishing feature of this living room is, "levitating" above the floor, lit by a skylight, an interesting cube-shaped room with a tree growing inside. It constitutes one of several functional zones of the living room. These include an active entertainment area, a TV room, a secluded relaxation area, and a central meditation and relaxation zone, located just inside the cube suspended in the living room space. The entire interior is filled with natural light, thanks to the FAKRO FDY-V Duet proSky roof windows. These are double-hung windows, which are characterized by their large size. Their upper sash is pivot-open, and the elevated pivot axis allows even a tall person to freely approach the edge of the open window. Large roof windows also allow for quick and efficient ventilation of the room and contribute to its natural, relaxing atmosphere.

photo: © Fakro

Multifunctionality in another dimension

The project was designed to meet different user needs. The architect proposed a multifunctional space where residents can rest, relaxing in solitude or spend time in a larger group. Free of unnecessary objects, the space takes residents to another dimension, allowing them to calm down and rest peacefully.

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