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Rest and comfort. Some chair designs you should know

18 of November '21

Are you an architect and looking for chairs for a designed office building, hotel or restaurant? Pufa Design presents a selection of chairs proven for such interiors and new models dedicated to investments.

Achair is a seemingly inconspicuous, "servant", yet essential element of interior design. It must be usable, comfortable (that's first and foremost!), solidly and aesthetically made, and simply pretty. When choosing chairs for public buildings, it is also necessary to take into account such criteria as arranging versatility or the possibility of adapting the details of the order (color, finish, some functional qualities) to the requirements of the project and customer expectations. Furniture that meets all these wa-rules is offered by the Pufa Design store. Below we present proven and recommended proposals.

Krzesła Co Dining

Co Dining chairs

© Pufa Design

not only wood

The classic material from which chairs are built is wood. Today it is competed by plastics (those ecological, often produced from recycled materials). The Menu brand offers the latest Co Dining chairs (designed by Norm Architects and Els Van Hoorebeeck), in which a seat - made of oak veneer, upholstered or just made of "recycled" plastic - is supported on a metal frame. Co Dining are very comfortable, because they fit the shape of the human body. Selected models are available with armrests. It is worth emphasizing their practicality - they can be stored after folding together in columns of up to fifteen pieces and can be joined together at the seat level.

Krzesła Normann

Form chairs from Normann Copenhagen

© Pufa Design

Theminimalist Form chairs (which were designed for Normann Copenhagen by Simon Legald) were also created from a combination of a metal frame and a plastic seat. This is one of the most multi-piece Scandinavian chair collections on the market. These chairs have two types of seats - built-in with and without armrests. Form bar chairs are also available. All models are designed so that the lines of the furniture correspond to the lines drawn in space by the user's shapes. The collection includes models with wood legs, wooden skids, metal legs, and in versions with or without five casters (characteristic of office seating). These additionally come with a seat height control lever.

Chairs for the contract market are also offered by the Danish brand of new perspectives, Muuto. Designed by Thomas Bentzen, the deep oak Cover chairs, in versions with or without an upholstered seat and the option to add armrests, also have their counterpart in a comfortable bar chair and a Lounge model.

Krzesła Visu Muuto

Visu chairs from Muuto

The already iconic Fiber collection was designed for Muuto by the world-renowned duo ISKOS Berlin. The seats of the chairs are made of an innovative material - a mixture of polypropylene (75%) and wood (25%) which is visible in the structure in the form of fine wooden fibers. For more elegant developments, the Fiber model is dedicated to the upholstered version, and for offices with the one with legs equipped with wheels. The Fiber collection also includes bar chairs in several options to choose from.

The Visu wooden chairs came out of Miki Tolvanen's studio. The backrest and seat of this model are made of a single wooden "sheet". All of them are available in many interesting color versions, so they will easily fit into a modern interior conquering its distinctive design. Also this model is offered by the brand in upholstered, lounge, bar and office versions. For all upholstered chair variants, the Muuto brand uses technologically and aesthetically innovative Kvadrat fabrics.

Krzesła Skovby SM811 Krzesła Fiber Muuto

SM811 chairs from Scovby and Fiber by Muuto.

© Pufa Design

modern, albeit retro

Fans of more classic designs are sure to look favorably on proposals from two family-owned companies with a long and beautiful tradition. The Scovby brand is famous for its extending tables, but also has a variety of upholstered chairs. All the furniture is handmade in a Danish workshop. Each design has at least a dozen variants (with or without armrests, with different types of upholstery, different wood coloration). Chair model SM811 has built-in cushioning foams under the seat, which allow it to recline increasing the comfort of the sitter. All chairs from under the Skovby brand have passed strength, durability and safety tests confirmed by the Furniture Laboratory of the Danish Institute of Technology, which approves furniture for use in commercial buildings.

 Krzesła Merano TON

chairs by Czech brand TON

© Pufa Design

Czech TON, a family-owned furniture manufacturer founded in the 19th century by Michael Thonet, known to all design enthusiasts, in turn "stands for chairs." Among the many designs worth mentioning are the beech classic Merano and the 811 model, with Viennese braid. This braid, which is the hallmark of the TON brand and has many loyal fans, is now experiencing another golden period in its history. Because the classics always work, and solid craftsmanship is a guarantee of quality workmanship and durability of the furniture.

You can order chairs from leading brands, ideal for apartments, houses and public buildings, at Pufa Design, a store with Polish and European, mainly Scandinavian design. The Pufa showroom is located in Kolobrzeg at 31 Bałtycka Street.

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