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Take control of water quality in the kitchen

18 of May '22

A healthy lifestyle is a whole series of conscious choices. We spend a lot of time finding organic foods. We look for ways to maintain internal balance and good health. However, let's pay attention to something as basic as water. It is the source of life. We drink it every day, and it's what we're mostly made of, too. So it's time to get excellent quality water straight from the kitchen tap. For your health and convenience!


Filtered tap water saves money all by itself

This year we are all looking to save money on one-time and recurring expenses. That's why it's worth looking at the things we buy habitually. All the small payments that can add up to a sizable sum. Another way is to choose items, functional and solidly made, that will stay with us for years. Among them is the Franke Vital capsule filter faucet. All the more so now that we will receive 300 zlotys in cash back in a cashback promotion. All you need to do is keep your receipt or invoice, cut the barcode from the box and fill out the online form at


Why should you have a filter faucet?

Undoubtedly, water is treated and purified before it enters the water supply system. However, it happens that contaminants in the form of pesticides, hormones, microplastics, viruses and other microorganisms, such as cysts, may still linger in it. On the other hand, an imperfect purification process or corroded plumbing, if only in the building we live in, can be responsible for the rust and deposits that appear. A filter faucet will cope with any of these problems. Moreover, it will give constant access to excellent quality, tasty water, which we should drink frequently for the proper functioning of the body. We can also use it for cooking, which will benefit the taste of food.


Why is the Vital faucet special?

Franke Vital is the only kitchen faucet in which the filtering process takes place in a small capsule placed in an additional spout. This means that no special equipment needs to be installed in the sink cabinet. The faucet is available in three versions: with a movable or fixed spout and as a filter spout alone, which can be mounted next to the existing faucet. There is also a choice of two finishes. Vital's innovative solutions and subtle design have earned it a Red Dot award, one of the most prestigious in the design field. Using a capsule filter also significantly reduces plastic consumption (one capsule filter equals about 333 fewer 1.5-liter PET bottles in a landfill) and reduces the carbon footprint associated with water transportation.

For more information, visit the company's Franke Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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