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First work - episode 2 of the series "Let's talk about architecture"

23 of September '20

Welcome to the second episode in our podcast series titled. "Let's talk about architecture" by Sonya Kwiatkowska. This time, listen in on your first job in the profession and the various, sometimes not always positive, experiences associated with it.

The second episode of the podcast series titled "Let's talk about architecture". After interviewing young architects, Sonia Kwiatkowska describes the first job in the profession, from the perspective of three types of interviewees. Hear about the advantages, learning, fantastic people, but also the often mistakes, hard experiences and bullying associated with the first job in an architectural office.

scope of the podcast

Introduction and invitation to discussion on Instagram
Three types of interviewees
Type one: work is a passion
Mistakes in the first job
Advantages of the first job
Memories of Sonia Kwiatkowska from Medusa Group
Positive memories of interviewees
Type two: the first job is just a job
Interview with Robert Konieczny
First days at work
Type three: the first job is a nightmare
What is bullying?
Bad stories of young architects
[26:10 ]
When to respond to violence?
Luke's story
[31:34 ]
The most important conversation
Is it as important as we think?

From the podcast series titled. "Let's talk about architecture".

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