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SCHELL touchless sanitary fittings. Hygiene and health in the workplace

11 of November '20

SCHELL touchless fixtures

Since mid-April, it has been mandatory to cover the nose and mouth, which is supposed to be one of the measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, it should be remembered that the use of the mask does not exempt from strict hand hygiene. Their regular and thorough washing must be remembered especially in the workplace, which touchless sanitary fixtures will help with.

As experts point out, wearing face masks does not give 100% protection against infection, and the necessary measures that should still be applied are social distance and, very importantly, regular hand washing. The face shield itself has two main functions - first of all, to reduce the likelihood of droplet transmission of the virus, and secondly, to protect against its introduction into the respiratory tract, for example, by touching the mouth and nose area with contaminated hands. However, we don't always wear a face shield - we take it off when we return home or in workplaces where there is adequate distance between workstations. The risk of transferring the pathogen from contaminated hands to the face then arises. We are slowly entering a stage where more people will return to offices and workplaces. Given the continuing epidemic, such places will need to maintain a stricter sanitation regime than ever and strict adherence to hand washing procedures.

The effectiveness of hygiene procedures in public bathrooms will be ensured by touchless actuated fixtures, which reduce the risk of secondary contamination.

elektroniczna SCHELL CELIS E

Hand washing remains one of the primary measures to prevent infection. Pictured is the SCHELL CELIS E electronic faucet.


Avoid the invisible threat

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing changes in our existing habits, especially those of hygiene. After all, the SARS-CoV2 virus is transmitted not only by the droplet route, in the air exhaled by a sick person, but also, depending on environmental conditions, can survive for a very long time on various types of surfaces. A report published by the Spanish Ministry of Health shows that, for example, on stainless steel and plastic objects at 22°C and 60% humidity, the SARS-CoV2 virus can be present for up to 96 hours, or as long as four days. This is why ongoing disinfection of hands and surfaces is so important.

As the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate points out, the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus is neutralized by detergents and alcohol-based liquids. However, frequent and prolonged use of antibacterial agents leads to dryness and irritation of the skin of the hands, so the basic hygiene treatment remains their regular and thorough washing with soap and water. However, the bathroom, due to its temperature and humidity, provides ideal thermal and humidity conditions for microbial growth on the surfaces inside. Building managers and employers must therefore use frequent disinfection treatments, especially in sanitary rooms used by employees on a daily basis. In addition, safety and hygiene will be ensured by properly selected mixers that, due to the way they are activated, do not generate the risk of secondary transmission of the virus from hands to the metal housing and vice versa. This group includes infrared-operated sink and shower faucets, as well as those equipped with a self-closing mechanism. SCHELL offers a complete portfolio of touchless mixers for various types of buildings.

Kompaktowa bateria
z mechanizmem samozamykającym SCHELL PETIT SC fot.: SCHELL

Compact faucet with self-closing mechanism SCHELL PETIT SC


Fittings that protect against viruses

Washing your hands can be ineffective if, after rinsing and drying your hands, they touch a contaminated sanitary fixture housing. Single-lever and knob-operated faucets should therefore be closed using a paper towel. It's hard to maintain such a sanitary regime on a daily basis, so a safer solution will be fixtures that do not require touching. The best in this role will be infrared-controlled solutions, which start the flow of water when the hands appear within the range of the sensor, and close when they are moved away.

Bateria umywalkowa
SCHELL XERIS E na podczerwień fot.: SCHELL

SCHELL XERIS E infrared washbasin faucet.

photo: SCHELL

SCHELLoffers as many as five models of electronic basin faucets that can be tailored to individual needs. Noteworthy is the XERIS E mixer, which is available in various sizes from S to L, so it can be easily matched to the size of the basin. SCHELL CELIS E faucet with its massive, ergonomic design will also be a good solution for frequently used bathrooms. Importantly, the installation of these solutions does not require costly modifications to the electrical system, as they are also available in designs powered by an alkaline battery. An alternative solution, which also ensures high hygiene of use, are self-closing batteries, the body of which does not need to be touched directly after washing hands. This is because the mechanism automatically cuts off the water supply after a certain period of time. In this number you can mention SCHELL XERIS SC, PURIS SC or compact PETIT SC faucets, which will prove useful in small sanitary rooms. In addition, SCHELL's offer includes the specialized surface-mounted mixer VITUS in a design for hospitals. The model equipped with a long lever allows elbow operation. Investment in modern and hygienic sanitary solutions is a rational choice not only for the epidemic, which will accompany us for some time to come. It is also a guarantee of trouble-free operation and saving the consumption of precious water for the future.

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