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Exceptional resilience and natural appearance - rigid core vinyl flooring from Vilo

27 of June '22

Exceptional resilience and a natural look. Meet vinyl floors with a rigid core from Vilo

Moving furniture, walking in shoes, and even care with chemical detergents - the floor is one of the most exploited pieces of equipment in any home. Therefore, we expect it to be durable, to accompany us for as long as possible. And a durable floor is one that is resistant to mechanical damage. Increasingly desirable property is also waterproofing - especially in the kitchen or bathroom. All these features are combined in rigid vinyl flooring. This is a completely new quality in Vilo's flooring range.

Podłogi winylowe typu rigid z powodzeniem łączą funkcjonalność z estetyką

Vinyl rigid floors successfully combine functionality with aesthetics


The secret is in the construction

The unique construction of rigid vinyl floors makes them extremely durable. Their main element is a rigid core, which extends the life of the product, and also allows for easy and quick installation.

Thanks to the ceramic UV-cured matte coating, these floorsare resistant to scratches and scrapes. If pets live with us, it is worth taking this feature into account In addition, rigid are covered with an abrasion-resistant layer. In turn, the decorative film is responsible for the visual effect, reproducing the pattern of wood.

Przemyślana konstrukcja podłogi winylowej pozwala uzyskać nieskazitelny efekt funkcjonalny i estetyczny

Thoughtful design of vinyl flooring allows to achieve a flawless functional and aesthetic effect


Element for special tasks

Each room in our house requires different solutions. They are influenced, among other things, by the intensity of use of a given space or proximity to a water source. Resistance to scratches and stains makes vinyl flooring perfect for rooms with medium traffic, such as the living room or bedroom.

It can also be laid in the kitchen or bathroom, interiors where the floor is particularly exposed to water. The panels are waterproof, and on top of that they have R9 anti-slip certification. This way they protect us from slipping, for example, right after getting out of the bath, when our feet are wet.

This not only guarantees increased durability, but also safety - ours and that of our loved ones.

Odporność na zabrudzenia i uszkodzenia to supermoc podłóg winylowych rigid

Resistance to dirt and damage is the superpower of vinyl flooring rigid


Freedom of choice and better fit

In addition to functionality, the aesthetics of the panels are also extremely important. We want the floor to stay with us for years not only for its durability, but also for its appearance. That's why the color range of rigid vinyl flooring has been expanded to 16 shades of oak. This will please any customer who appreciates the possibility of choice.

Podłogi winylowe rigid dostępne są w 16 odcieniach dębu

Rigid vinyl floors are available in 16 shades of oak


Do it yourself!

Compared to other floors, the installation of rigid core flooring is much easier. To cut the panels, all you need is a classic assembler's knife. Thanks to lock-type locks, joining them is quick and uncomplicated. Therefore, we can install the floor ourselves or with the help of another person.

Montażu podłóg rigid możemy dokonać samodzielnie

We can install rigid floors by ourselves


However, before we start the installation, let's get a good quality underlayment, necessary for the best and longest possible use. For vinyl panels with a rigid core, the Vilo Rigid Master 1 mm brand underlay will be the best fit. It takes care of the soundproofing of the floor, strengthens the resistance to compression and fixes the flexibility of the panels.

Let's also remember about skirting boards. Vilo has a wide selection of types and colors of skirting boards, which we can easily match to our interiors.

Listwy przypodłogowe to niezwykle ważny element wyposażenia każdego wnętrza, który subtelnie dopełnia całość aranżacji

Skirting boards are an extremely important piece of equipment in any interior, which subtly complements the entire arrangement


Vilo brand offers complete floor systems for the best possible fit and comfort of the buyer. The full range is available at and in the chain of modern building wholesalers Bricoman.

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the A&B portal.

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