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The forest behind the windows. House near Poznan project TXMA Tomasz Mielczyński

03 of November '20

The broken connection between man and nature is painfully felt in the modern world. The fast pace of life, stress, lack of time and incessant life in urban noise is the daily situation of many people. Therefore, more and more often architects face the task of designing a house-remedy, which would not only be an ordinary place to live, but also an oasis of peace for the householders. Such is the house near the forest near Poznań designed by Tomasz Mielczyński with interiors by Anna Trawczyńska.

High rooms, lots of daylight and windows through which the garden and the forest peek into the interior are the most characteristic features of this realization. The house near Poznań designed by Tomasz Mielczyński is a response to the need of the investor, who wanted a place that was peaceful, spacious and cozy at the same time.

house in green

The body of the house is wrapped in a garden, which is adjacent to a national park. As a result, the house is immersed in greenery, which, through large windows and glazed facades, looks into the interior. The proximity of the forest also makes the light on the plot very balanced. There is neither deep shade nor harsh sun, only pleasant light penetrating through the thick foliage. This gives not only pleasant lighting, but also an interesting visual effect. The facades of the house are finished in a way that combines modernity with rustic character. Attention is drawn to the hand-formed bricks of the Vandersanden brand, which is installed in an innovative jointless system.

spacious interior

Large windows and the opening of the block to the outside make the interiors exceptionally bright. Most rooms are about 3 meters high, making the house exceptionally spacious and full of "breath". In such a case, the challenge was to create a cozy atmosphere in the interior. This was achieved thanks to cooperation with designer Anna Trawczynska. The architect and the designer, working together from the beginning, were able to discuss the details of the project and match individual spaces to their purpose. This made it possible to design a dedicated space. The selection of furniture and accessories with a hint of art déco and delicate textured wallpapers clearly warmed the interior. The rosewood wood or the round and round shapes of the furniture created an elegant yet homely atmosphere.

terrace like a room

The house is divided into two zones: living and private. The living zone included a 50-square-meter living room with a dining room, a kitchen with a pantry, a study and a guest toilet. The spacious private zone houses two bedrooms with bathrooms and a dressing room. The axis of division of these parts is a glazed hallway overlooking the forest and garden. An equal element of the house is a spacious terrace, which is actually a summer room. It is designed so that its canopy, which makes it possible to be there when it rains, does not obscure the interiors. In the summer it is well lit until noon, and in the afternoon it gets a pleasant shade. The canopy is supported by a single branched pole, so it does not obstruct the view of the forest wall.

large size, low cost

The area of the house is 180 m². Not counting the mezzanine and garage. Despite such a large area, as well as high rooms, the house is economical to maintain. Modern solutions such as underfloor/wall surface heating from a condensing gas boiler with a hot water buffer tank with a capacity of several hundred liters and a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery have been used here. Thanks to these solutions and thermal insulation with an average thickness of 24 cm. Heating the house to a comfortable temperature is not a large expense.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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