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[FREE WORKSHOP] Garden visualization in 5 steps. How to take care of photorealism of greenery?

26 of October '23

Are you thinking about creating visualizations of your garden project, but lack the knowledge of how to do it? Don't have time to learn new programs, and clients are increasingly asking for visualizations? Or are you thinking about showing more of your projects on Instagram? At a free workshop that Lumion is organizing as part of ArchiDAY in Warsaw
(November 7-10)
, you will learn how to quickly create realistic visualizations. Places are limited - we encourage you to register quickly!

Zapisz się na bezpłątny warsztat LUMION „Wizualizacja w 5 krokach. Jak dbać o fotorealizm zieleni?”

Information about the workshop:

When: November 7 to 10
Where: Warsaw, PTAK WARSAW EXPO (NADARZYN, 62 Katowicka Avenue)
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 0 zł
Required: laptop, mouse

Check system requirements | Download trial version >>

Who this workshop is for:

  • for architects who want to create beautiful greenery visualizations later this week
  • for landscape architects who are tired of their visualization program
  • for architects who want to speed up their design process and improve communication with clients

What you will learn at the workshop:

  • how to take care of plant realism
  • how to create visualizations using fast techniques
  • what mistakes to avoid when creating renders
  • how to quickly create visualizations in a format under Instagram

Garden visualization in 5 steps.
How to take care of photorealism of greenery?


  1. Smart visualization techniques - what you can do fast, do faster.
  2. Lumion program features that landscape architects love.
  3. Natural-looking vegetation - what to look for when creating visualizations.
  4. Mistakes of beginners (as well as advanced) visualizers.
  5. Preparing visualizations for Instagram.

During the workshop we will share our knowledge on how to create garden visualizations as well as together with the participants we will create a visualization of the garden, inspired by the project of the Mia Studio office. In order to work together with us in the Lumion program, you need to download a free version of the program and a directory with the file on which we will work at the workshop. Sign up for the workshop and all the necessary materials will be sent to your email.

We would like to thank Iwona Zielińska and Magdalena Filipiak from Mia Studio office for consultations on the program for this workshop.

Rafał Pankowski

Rafał Pankowski
CEO of Lumion Poland, architect, 3D graphic designer.

As an official distributor of Lumion software in Poland
has been promoting GPU rendering among designers and architects for 13 years.

The number of places is limited - we encourage you to register quickly!

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