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Healthy single-family home in Krakow

20 of December '21
Technical data
Name: "Healthy single-family home".
Category: Single-family house
Author: Anna Zagórska
Cracow University of Technology

Work submitted to the Halina Skibniewskaya student competition - HEALTHY HOUSE

The issue of the competition task is a healthy house. The project presents a single-family house - open to nature, people with disabilities and modern technological solutions. The property is located at 40 Wodociągowa Street in Cracow. The plot has a rather unusual shape. It is very narrow and long, being about 23 meters wide and 110 meters long. Its area is about 29 acres.

i projekt zagospodarowania terenu

situation and land development project

© Anna Zagórska

When developing the concept, I focused on my own feelings. I wanted to create a house that opens to nature and interacts with it. My biggest inspiration was glass and greenery. Glass is a kind of separation of a particular element, but at the same time its transparency gives the possibility to commune with a particular object. I wanted to create a building that belongs to the natural environment and is not alien to it.

budynek przynależący
do naturalnego środowiska

a building belonging to the natural environment

© Anna Zagorska

The first assumption to achieve the intended effect was: light, transparency and transparency of rooms. The entrance to the building more closed. Full walls are present. Looking from the street, the house is inconspicuous. It is located in the elevation line of the existing building. One could say that it is the owner's fortress. However, it is only isolated from the man.

Elewacje budynku

A great deal of glazing, internal atria, which perfectly illuminate the building

© Anna Zagorska

Immediately after entering, we can notice its transparency. Very much glazing, internal atria, which perfectly illuminate the building. Another important elements are greenery, interpenetrating space, exclusion of the boundary: building-green / garden, unity of creation and nature. In the middle of the building, numerous atria and glazing. This gives the impression of blurred boundaries between house and garden.

liczne atria,
wrażenie zatartych granic pomiędzy domem a ogrodem

Numerous atria, the impression of blurred boundaries between house and garden

© Anna Zagórska

The last zone of the building ends with a winter garden with numerous plants. This room brings us into the garden with even more plants. The last idea is to use the potential of nature. Man has always been dependent on nature. Ecology and taking care of the environment is the basis of today's functioning. That's why its huge potential can be used.

zatarte granice
pomiędzy domem a ogrodem

blurred boundaries between home and garden

© Anna Zagorska

Rainwater (gray water), we use for flushing toilets or watering plants. Another very advantageous solution is to make a reed treatment plant in front of the house in the garden. This is one of the most ecological ways to get rid of waste from the house. For the facade, we obtain wood from demolition, properly impregnated. In addition, you can use ecological materials that favor man and nature.

i dostępność

project idea - health and accessibility

© Anna Zagórska

The designed building is an intelligent house, which cooperates perfectly with nature. It does not generate energy losses. The system automatically sets the temperature in the rooms, even when the residents are away. Another great solution is the interaction of the heating system with the ventilation system. Intelligent switching on electrical appliances, such as coffee makers or TVs, dispense energy accordingly. Turning off lighting and using energy-saving bulbs. The system, connected to a cell phone or tablet, makes it possible to control devices, watch the building through cameras even from very far distances. This improves security.



© Anna Zagorska

In addition to ecology, I paid attention to people with disabilities. I would like to create a building where everyone can move freely. That's why I designed a single-story house that doesn't have the blockade of stairs. The building is very spacious and has large rooms, which allows free movement. For frail, sick, disabled people, a big advantage is a smart home that can be controlled by cell phone, tablet or computer.

dom parterowy –
budynek, po którym każdy będzie mógł swobodnie się poruszać

Single-story house - a building where everyone will be able to move around freely

© Anna Zagorska

I combined two seemingly different spheres, like technology and nature, which work perfectly together. A building designed this way gives respite and calms down the rushing life. In addition, in the era of pandemonium, it offers close contact with nature, no longing for greenery and space.

Anna Zagórska

Illustrations: © Author

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