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Modern and ecological heating from De Dietrich at the Primary School in Oaks

21 of November '23

At the John Paul II Elementary School in the village of Dęba, located near Opoczno, an innovative building thermal modernization project has been completed, including the modernization of the heating system. Thanks to the use of a cascade of Modena heat pumps and a De Dietrich CFU EcoNox oil boiler, the school has become an example of effective use of modern technologies and conscious environmental education.

The comprehensive project, which is the fruit of cooperation between local authorities, contractor JMP EKOBUDOWA Piotr Gwadera and installation company Saniterm, was carried out despite financial challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic and the situation in Ukraine.

The investment included comprehensive renovation work, including rebuilding the roof, insulating the walls, replacing windows and installations, with an emphasis on energy efficiency. As a result, the school's overall thermal modernization, while being the most expensive in the history of the Poświętne municipality, is an important step toward a greener and more sustainable future.

The school has relied on a cascade of De Dietrich heat pumps

The use of a cascade of monobloc heat pumps combined with an oil boiler in an educational unit provides many benefits. And not only for the school staff, but also for the students and villagers. Not only does the system significantly reduce emissions, it also offers flexibility to adapt to different weather conditions and heat demand. In addition, due to its energy efficiency, it reduces operating costs.

The Modena 16 TR inverter heat pumps from De Dietrich installed at the school are known for their high quality and energy efficiency. This is thanks to the use of environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which improves their performance in heating, cooling and DHW heating modes. Meanwhile, the ability to operate in a cascade makes these units to meet the needs of many commercial installations, including educational units.

In the heating system, a CFU EcoNox 46 oil boiler has been used as a peak source alongside the heat pump cascade, which is characterized by durability and low emissions, among other features.

kocioł olejowy CFU EcoNox De Dietrich

De Dietrich CFU EcoNox oil boiler.

Photo: elementary school in the village of Dęba © De Dietrich

Both the heat pumps and the oil boiler guarantee long-lasting and reliable operation, thanks to the use of modern technologies. They are also in line with the De Dietrich brand's idea of sustainable development, which is to provide customers with high-standard heating equipment while taking care of the environment, society and the economy.

De Dietrich Elementary School has become an example of how modern technologies can contribute to environmental protection and improve the quality of daily life for both students and teachers. The project is also an important part of environmental education for young people, showing the practical application of the idea of sustainable development.

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