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Space wrapped in white - holiday atmosphere in Tubądzin brand collections

02 of July '21

Summer is conducive to experiencing places, cultures, flavors - new, undiscovered ones, as well as well-known, favorite ones. It is a search for moments when we can stop, take a deep breath and feel good. In pleasant surroundings it is easier to find the desired tranquility, so it is worth inviting soothing white into the interior.

In European culture, the color white symbolizes purity and innocence. It is associated with freedom, lightness, also promotes spirituality and brings balance. At times, white may seem dull or unimpressive, but properly used, it can completely transform an interior, especially if we consciously choose a particular shade of it. This color reflects light, which optically enlarges the space and makes it more spacious. A room filled with white is discreet, elegant, orderly, gains in usability. It is also a very graceful ground for arrangements, stimulates creativity and gives unlimited room for creation.

Coma collection

© Tubądzin

White has many faces, shades. It does not have to be sterile, one-dimensional, it can surprise and interest. It is a universal color, which often sets the direction in design, sets the tone of the interior and determines its final character. It fits into any style you dream of. It works well in modern, minimalist arrangements, in monochromatic compositions maintained in a warm, pleasant atmosphere, as well as those more cool, based on a precise and sophisticated total look. White perfectly plays with natural light, brings freshness and breath into the interior, is associated with purity and lightness. For this reason, it is an irreplaceable element of Mediterranean aesthetics. In this edition, white will soothe, relax and unwind, while at the same time being a perfect background for holiday treasures and souvenirs from travels," says Katarzyna Madalińska, Tubądzin brand architect.

White ceramic tiles hide a great potential for arrangement. They can exist as a smooth, uncluttered and boundless surface, but also be an independent, expressive wall decoration.

Coma collection

© Tubądzin

In the Coma collection, white appears multidimensionally and is a contrast to the cool hue of navy blue. It is an element that brings balance and harmony, full of delicacy and soothing. The sparkle of pearls, the drawing of noble onyx and the calm tones of the collection create a refreshing, seaside atmosphere. Geometric, three-dimensional decorations evoke the image of the sea - those in the shape of the letter L reflect its steady, calm movement, while others, with a motif of pearls, are designed for the gently foaming edge of each wave reaching the shore. Coma is a collection that can be felt with all the senses. It brings a holiday atmosphere to the interior and fills it with white, in which everything reflects and shimmers.

All in White collection

© Tubądzin

Decorative tiles maintained in white tones can also be seen in the All in White collection . Subtle wavy lines are associated with the surface of water, adding dynamics to the interior and introducing an element of movement. They create a picturesque structure, on the background of which there can be maritime, nautical accents - photos, postcards, which are a souvenir of summer trips or their pleasant announcement.

Organic Matt collection

© Tubądzin

In the Organic Matt collection, on the other hand, white takes on a simple, sometimes even ascetic form. The natural surface of the Organic Matt White 2 STR structural tile is covered with delicate grooves, arranged in thin lines that resemble patterns formed on sand moved by the wind. They are beautifully accompanied by ceramic white and blue vases, which allude to the colors of the sea.

White is not only an excellent background for furniture and accessories, it can also nicely emphasize and enhance other colors. Juxtaposed with warm colors or intense shades of blue or green, the space will gain character and become a homey, secluded oasis.

Royal Place collection

© Tubądzin

In the Royal Place collection, white is tamed and warmed by a bright tile, which resembles wood in texture. The wall surface is decorated with a white mosaic, and the whole arrangement is complemented by furniture and materials of the same color, modern lighting and Mediterranean accents - shells, starfish, seaweed. A bathroom finished in this way not only impresses with clarity and lightness, but creates a space for contemplation and relaxation after a long day.

My Tones collection

© Tubądzin

In My T ones, white tiles soften the vivid navy blue, which gives the bathroom a sense of pleasant coolness. The addition of white makes the interior more luminous, brightened, and thus the whole arrangement gains more air and nobility. This is a proposal for a bathroom in soothing colors, full of harmony, balanced not only in terms of color, but also in terms of composition - through natural, wooden accessories or oval forms.


The Tubądzin Group is one of the best recognized ceramic tile manufacturers in Poland. For almost 40 years it has been setting design trends, introducing innovative products and solutions. In Poland, it is a pioneer in the production of large-format tiles, reaching up to 120×240 cm in size. Its products, manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, are used in every space, not only in the bathroom. Top-quality tiles, deceptively reminiscent of wood, marble or concrete, produced on the basis of state-of-the-art global technologies, are a hallmark of the Tubądzin Group. In 2020, the company sold its products to 70 countries.

Tubądzin invites prominent design and cultural artists (among them Maciej Zień, Dorota Koziara, Wojciech Siudmak), organizes a prestigious competition for young designers and architects - Tubądzin Design Awards, and engages in educational, social and environmental activities.

Tubądzin brand tiles are made from natural and noble raw materials, and dyes that are safe for health and nature are used in their decoration. Taking care of the environment, Tubądzin promotes the principles of sustainable development and invests in innovative solutions - including Continua+ technology, thus contributing to reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The company also engages in pro-environmental projects and takes steps to increase community awareness in this regard.

For more information, visit the company's Tubądzin Management Group page on the A&B portal.

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