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Christmas throughout the house. With these decorations, our interiors will take on a unique atmosphere

09 of December '22

Chains of lights, decorative candlesticks, green branches in a vase - sometimes so little is enough to bring a festive atmosphere to the interiors. With appropriately selected elements, a unique atmosphere will prevail not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen or bedroom. And this will make it even more pleasant to experience the most beautiful time of the year. VOX brand suggests how to decorate our home for Christmas.

Christmas command center

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which beats especially strongly before Christmas, tempting with the smells of traditional dishes. Its most beautiful decoration can be the aroma of gingerbread or red borscht and festive platters waiting for Christmas Eve. However, in order to make our baking and cooking even more pleasant, it is worth taking care of small holiday accents, reminding us that Christmas is not only a hectic time of preparation. A sprig of rowan, spruce or eucalyptus in a vase will be a subtle decoration that will complete the look of our kitchen.

Zestaw naczyń Bri

Bri dinnerware set


In the center of preparation, everything must be at hand, ready to cut, mix, grate. With the right organization of space, our preparations will go more smoothly, and we will have more time left for pleasure. Slot board will help to take care of order in the kitchen. It is an ideal helper that will hold wooden spoons and decorative bowls. And on top of that, we can easily decorate it not only for the holidays.

Tablica Slot Tablica Slot

Slot board


Time to celebrate

In the dining room or living room, wherever the table stands, it's where the action of the holidays happens. It is here that we sit down to Christmas Eve dinner, talk and enjoy the company of loved ones. To further emphasize the solemnity of the event, go for white tableware. With the right accessories, such as green napkins or heart-shaped gingerbread, a white set from the Motif collection will look elegant and festive.

Zastawa stołowa Motif

Motif tableware


And after the feast is over, it's time for the longed-for rest. You can sit down on a comfortable sofa or armchair and watch a Christmas movie together. Such evenings require an appropriate setting. Mood light and the delicate scent of Largo soy candles will put us in a pleasant atmosphere. In the daytime, on the other hand, they will be a tasteful decoration and wait for dusk to fill our interiors again with their aroma and warmth.

Świeca zapachowa Largo - mała i duża.

Largo scented candle - small and large


Pojemnik- kosz duży Braga

Container-basket large Braga


Gifts? A great idea for a small gift is hand-baked gingerbread or fruitcake. Served on classic wooden trays and decorated with self-made cards, they are sure to bring a smile to our guests.

Zestaw stempli Alfa

Alfa stamp set


Abundant bouquets of spruce and fir branches in glass Jar containers will make the pleasant aroma of the forest spread through our interiors. This is an idea not only for an impressive decoration, but also an alternative to a real Christmas tree, if we do not have space for it in the apartment. Properly decorated branches will successfully replace the Christmas tree in our living room.

Zestaw pojemników Jar

Jar container set


The Handy mobile table will serve as a tray for snacks or a tea set and will wander with us and our guests to any corner of the house. Thanks to a handy handle, we will move it with all its contents to any place - in front of the fireplace, TV or to the bedroom.

Stolik Handy. Świeczniki Molli. Dzbanek i filiżanki Motif

Handy table. Molli candle holders. Motif pitcher and cups.


An oasis of coziness

Let's not forget about the bedroom. Climatic light, a delicate scent of candles or small plant accents will make the festive mood accompany us from waking up and just before bedtime. Soform upholstered panels as a headrest can be decorated with a decorative strip with glass vials. They will allow us to decorate the wall in any way we like with the changing seasons.

Panele tapicerowane Soform. Listwa dekoracyjna zestaw I złoty Lampa komodowa Bergen

Soform upholstered panels. Decorative strip set I gold and dresser lamp Bergen


There is a reason why it is said that Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. That's why it's worth taking care of its magic and unique atmosphere with the help of decorative articles available in VOX stores and on

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