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Acoustically adapted house. The use of sound-absorbing panels in single-family housing construction

13 of January '23

There is often a belief among customers that a good acoustic house is the one made in traditional technology characterized by massive partitions. However, as it turns out, this does not have to be the case at all. Equally good sound insulation inside the building can be achieved using dry construction.

Open spaces are becoming increasingly popular in single-family housing. However, inadequate acoustics in them, as well as annoying noise coming from neighboring rooms, sometimes prove problematic. One way to provide a more pleasant acoustic environment is to increase the sound-absorbing properties of walls and ceilings, which can be done, for example, by making acoustic insulation from gypsum board, such as Gyptone BIG from the RIGIPS brand.

Tricks for better acoustics in interiors

For the past few seasons, open spaces - that is, living rooms combined with kitchenettes and dining rooms - have been an unabated favorite in homes. Sometimes, however, especially in these really spacious interiors, there is a problem with inadequate acoustics, which in the long run can prove to be a nuisance for the household members. In such a situation, Gyptone BIG sound-absorbing gypsum board ceilings can be used. They have a wide range of acoustic properties, both in terms of absorption and insulation. Their proper selection makes it possible to consciously shape the acoustics of the room. Gypsum board ceilings can protect against both indoor and outdoor noise. Gyptone BIG boards, which are included in the RIGIPS brand's offer, are available in a wide range of textures and patterns of varying appearance. These products are successful not only in offices, where they are widely used, but also in residential interiors. They are painted white as standard, and their perforation can be round, square, hexagonal or slotted. It is worth mentioning that these panels are produced with Activ'Air® technology, which ensures the reduction of the level of formaldehyde in the air up to 80%.

Płyt gipsowo-kartonowe Gyptone BIG

Gyptone BIG gypsum boards


System solutions made of Gyptone BIG boards have high sound-absorbing properties, so you can use them to create a more pleasant acoustic environment, improving, among other things, speech intelligibility even in large, open spaces, reducing echoes or noises coming from neighboring rooms.

Products that combine practical and visual qualities are much appreciated these days. Thanks to their ability to improve acoustic comfort in rooms, and at the same time their attractive design, Gyptone BIG panels are ideally suited to the needs and tastes of interior designers and investors, and are increasingly used in single-family housing, providing homeowners with a pleasant acoustic environment, as well as contributing to the creation of presentable spaces.

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