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Black brick house on a Norwegian island. Alicja Jaroszek's project awarded in the competition.

15 of December '20

TheImage House is a project by Alicja Jaroszek of Bialystok University of Technology, for which she was awarded second place in this year's Brick Architecture Competition. The architect, using black solid bricks, created a building that fits the harsh climate of a stony Norwegian island.

The purpose of the competition orgaznized by the Association of Employers of Building Ceramics and SARP was to demonstrate the workshop skills of university architecture students in the field of architectural design using clinker products on the facade, and to promote brick architecture. The competition task was to create an original architectural work in any form of drawing in one of the selected categories: Single-family house, Building of the future. In each category, the works had to include: visualizations and elevation views, as well as a brief description.

Elewacje Domu Obraz

The house resembles a sculpture made of solid black brick

© Alicja Jaroszek

a house in Norway

Among the submitted works, the competition jury awarded second place in the Single-Family House category to Alicja Jaroszek from Bialystok University of Technology. Her proposal is a Picture House located in the Arctic landscape on a Norwegian rocky island on the shore of the sea itself. This picturesque place is characterized by distinctly varied terrain and a unique harsh climate. Days are short here, but the nights are lit up by the aurora borealis, and life adapts to the tides. The house is isolated, as the island can only be reached by sea.

Rzuty Domu Obraz

simple division of the interior of the house

© Alicja Jaroszek

sculpture in the landscape of the island

The building is a form of sculpture using brick products. On the facade of the house there are windows irregularly distributed horizontally and vertically. This arrangement gives the illusion of a three-level floor plan, even though the building is actually of a simple interior layout. The windows create "living pictures" with views of the jagged mountain landscape, the Norwegian Sea surrounding the island, the rocks and the sky.

Widok z okien
domu Widok z okien
i układ cegieł

The windows create "living pictures"

© Alicja Jaroszek

The building is clad in black solid brick, parametrically arranged on the façade and blending perfectly with the rocky surroundings of the island. The black facade resembles the top of the surrounding mountain range. Elements of brick architecture were also transferred by the author to the inside of the building, thus completing the overall design.

First place in the same competition in the Future Building category went to Nina Kempa for her design of the Bogucice cemetery.

Read also about the design of the house in the swamp , for which Alicja Jaroszek together with Justyna Laszczkowska received an honorable mention in the international competition "House in Forest 2020 - Wooden House".

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