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A single-family home shaped by space. Lus_4 from PL.Architects

20 of October '20

Thelandscape in which we live is constantly changing. The seasons, the weather, the angle of light during the day... the Lus_4 house from PL.architekci is immersed in these changes. Its irregular shape makes it appear different every time when viewed from different angles. This shape is a response to the needs of investors and the forms found in the surroundings.

The team of architects, consisting of Bartłomiej Bajon, Katarzyna Cynka and collaborating Joanna Sypniewska, was recognized by the jury of the competition for the 2020 SARP Award. The jury appreciated the beauty of the mass, which was shaped using ordinary building materials, but applied in such a way as to produce an unusual effect. They also emphasized the proficiency of the designers' craftsmanship in correctly resolving the project from the urban scale to the scale of the architectural detail, as well as the derivation of the building's form from the idea of the house, which was well thought out and agreed upon with the residents.

Dom jednorodzinny Lus_4, PL.architekci

Lus_4 single-family house

© Tom Kurek

ordinary - extraordinary

The Lus_4 house catches the eye with its simplicity. Its irregular body is the result of the architects' reflection on the surroundings. Next door is a building with a scaled-down roof. It became the starting point for designing the form of the house. The lump viewed from different perspectives changes its face. This irregularity is continued in the space around the house: terrace platforms and hexagonal slabs on the driveway. The result is an object that, on the one hand, blends in and interacts with its surroundings, but on the other hand stands out thanks to its ordinary - unusual form.

dom jednorodzinny, PL.architekci

interior with green accents

© Tom Kurek

interior - exterior

The duality of this project is also evident in the interior. It should be noted here that the designers did not separate the design process into body, interior and garden. They proposed a holistic approach to the building, which resulted in a very coherent vision. The interior of the house is solved in a very interesting way, which is the result of an analysis of the needs of the residents. The first floor is shaped as a mezzanine suspended in the middle of the house. This makes the interior a unified open space, which allows users to interact freely between floors. This solution also makes the whole house flooded with daylight. Bright, airy interiors are "decorated" with large windows, which are vivid, changing images. Greenery framed by expressive frames blends with the interior through color accents in the home's furnishings.

home after dark

© Tom Kurek

solid shaped by space

The phenomenon of this project lies in the use of eye-catching solutions. However, these are not elaborate materials or oddities. In fact, if you take a closer look, you will see that the house is based on a traditional building form with a gabled roof. However, the mass has been cut at different angles in such a way that it produces unique visual effects. Particularly impressive are the sharp and distinct edges at the junction between the facade and the roof. Thanks to the fact that the roof does not extend beyond the outline of the building, the mass is compact and clearly cut out of the space. All these elements give it a sculptural character - close to the artistic practice of the 20th century avant-garde artists. Their experiments with shaping the solid with the help of the surrounding space are close to what happened in this project.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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