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Single-family house in South Tyrol

29 of August '22

Full-wall glazing equipped with sliding doors, used in a single-family house located in South Tyrol, provides an unobstructed view of the surroundings. To ensure the best possible thermal insulation of the building, the project used energy-saving glazing with a SWISSPACER warm spacer.

The decision to implement large windows that guarantee an unobstructed view was an absolute necessity for the development of such a unique plot located on a hill in the South Tyrolean Eisack Valley with a panoramic view of the medieval center of Brixen. It must be remembered that in the sun-bathed South Tyrol, one has to reckon with strong and undesirable interior heating, especially in the summer months. While ordinary sun protection devices, both inside and outside, would have provided the desired shading effect in summer, they would have largely obscured the view.

In the case of the presented modern single-family house located on the outskirts of Brixen, the architects' task was to find a unique solution to protect large window areas from too much sunlight in summer. The two floors of the organically shaped building are topped with wide, curved ceiling slabs, one of which forms an expansive balcony and the other a flat roof. The snow-white slabs contrast interestingly with the anthracite-colored wooden cladding of the building. The oval opening in the roof slab is large enough to provide light to the balcony below, yet positioned in such a way that the interior of the house remains shaded.

The oval opening in the roof panel is large enough to provide light to the balcony below, yet positioned so that the interior of the house remains shaded.

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The exterior walls of both floors are almost entirely glazed. The maximum amount of incoming light and the highest demands placed on thermal insulation and airtightness are also the reason why designers rely on SWISSPACER brand warm spacers in their energy-efficient glazing designs. This small component contributes significantly to reducing heat loss in double-glazed units and improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Thanks to their exceptionally high insulation, depending on the material of the window frame and the glass, the warm frame makes it possible to achieve minimum heat conduction values at the edge of the insulating glass unit and a lowUw value for windows and facades.

Fixed window units and sliding doors guarantee a panoramic view of the valley at any time of the year, and thanks to anthracite-colored aluminum profiles, they blend discreetly into the building's dark wood facade.

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