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House with a green roof from DNA Architects

16 of October '20

A green roof is an interesting alternative to traditional roofing. Increasingly, this solution is used in public architecture. However, it can also be used in residential construction. This is evidenced by the example of a house designed by DNA Architects.

Such a house can fit into a rural landscape or provide an interesting variety of urban development. Green roofs, known for centuries, today are a good way to introduce greenery, as well as improve the thermal performance of the building. A conceptual design prepared by Gliwice-based DNA Architects shows what a year-round house with a green roof could look like.

modern barn

The small house snuggled into the slope of the hill looks very picturesque. It is a modern barn type building. The material also refers to traditional rural architecture - the building is clad in wood from the outside. The characteristic dark color of the planks is achieved by using the Shou Sugi Ban technology, which means tanning and oiling the wood. It makes it possible to use old planks and give them new life. At the same time, it preserves the wood well and does not require frequent maintenance. The dark planks on the building's facade harmonize with the white woodwork.
The culmination of the project is the green roof. It is finished with sheet metal and planted with grass. Connecting with the slope, it creates a uniform grassy plane. The green of the roof also gives an interesting color effect, contrasting with the black of the facade.

Dom z zielonym dachem, DNA Architekci

A house with a green roof

© DNA Architects

traditional and modern

Green roofs are an increasingly popular solution. They have a long history, as they were often used in traditional rural construction, such as in the Faroe Islands. Nowadays, although they are not the simplest in roof sheathing construction, investors are reaching for them more and more often. Depending on the workmanship, it can be an additional leisure area or simply a biologically active surface. It is a good solution in places where it is extremely difficult to arrange this space. Green roofs help reduce the so-called heat islands in cities and improve the biodiversity of the area.

Zielony dach

A house with a green roof

© DNA Architects

green roof at home

The use of such a covering can also have advantages for residents. A green roof provides good insulation for the building. In winter, it prevents heat loss, and in summer it protects against excessive heating of rooms. Due to the use of the soil layer, the green roof is also soundproof and makes the rooms well soundproofed.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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