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Loosening of the Construction Law is getting closer. Time for houses over 70 square meters

07 of October '22

Without a building permit, not only houses over 70 square meters., but also some kiosks, backyard shelters and flagpoles. These are just a few of the novelties that can be found in the draft amendments to the law just published by the government. What else might change as of January 1?

Another loosening of regulations is taking clearer shape. We learned about the latest draft of changes to the Construction Law and related laws this week (the whole thing is available on the Government Legislation Center website). As we wrote in June, you won't need a permit to build a house over 70 sq. m. , the impact area of which falls entirely within the plot or plots on which it was designed.

However, this only applies to houses up to two stories high erected for personal use. Thus, a notification is sufficient, but - unlike in the case of houses without a permit up to 70 sq. m. - a manager and a construction log will still be necessary. The obligation to notify completion of construction work is also to be abolished. The construction manager may be responsible for commissioning. The authority will only have to be notified of the start of use. A similar notification procedure is also envisaged for building structures.

As we read in the written justification for the changes, this is intended to

further simplifying and speeding up the investment and construction process.

three hundred meters and shelters

There are other novelties as well. A building permit will not be needed for outbuildings of up to one story and shelters related to agricultural production with a maximum building area of 300 sq. meters and a height of 6 meters. Notification will also suffice for kiosks and street sales pavilions up to 15 sq. m. The list also includes backyard shelters and "ad hoc hiding places" up to 35 sq. m. (underground or partially submerged in the ground), non-drainage rainwater tanks with a volume of 5 to 15 cubic meters, and flagpoles up to 3 to 7 square meters high.

There are also changes for small building structures at sports facilities. Even a notification will not be required for locker rooms, bench canopies and small grandstands. On the other hand, there are plans to allow the installation of masts and devices for the production of electricity from wind energy (with a capacity no greater than that of a micro-installation - as defined in the Law on Renewable Energy Sources) on building structures.

more online

Finally, in line with earlier announcements, there are plans to develop the digitization of the construction process: a Construction Project Database is to be created on the e-building portal. The detailed description of the changes reads as follows.

instead of attaching construction projects to applications, notifications or notices, the investor will be able to indicate the individual number of the project that has been placed (by e.g. the investor or designer) in the Construction Projects Database [...]. In turn, the authority handling the application, submission or notice will be able to view the project through the Database [...].

According to the announcement, a significant part of the proposed changes (they are currently at the opinion stage) would come into force on January 1 next year.

compiled by Jakub Głaz

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