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How much is the IARP membership fee, what goes into it and where does the money go?

22 of March '23

The Małopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of Poland has prepared a guide to the activities of the Professional Self-Government. Divided into several parts, it is available on MPOIA's Facebook page, and aims to spread the word, encourage active participation in conventions, and convince people that everyone can have an impact on the activities and shape of local government. MPOIA devotes a sizable section to finances, revealing the amount of dues, what goes into them and where members' money goes.

The first part of the guide deals with the structure of the IARP and the number of branches, while the next parts are devoted to finances. Among other things, we learn that the amount of dues is set by the National Convention (the highest authority of the IARP). The contribution allows the functioning of the Self-Government, including the fulfillment of statutory and regulatory obligations to members and members of the Chamber and the public.

What affects the amount of the contribution?

In 2023, its amount is 98 zlotys, while in 2024 it will be raised to 112 zlotys (the decision on valorization was made in December 2022 by the National Council of the IARP). Why such sums? Among other things, for the maintenance of IARP Districts—each of the sixteen, regardless of the number of members and members, maintains a full organizational structure, which includes: District Council, District Qualification Committee, District Audit Committee, District Disciplinary Court, District Liability Officer. An office and its staff are also needed for the self-governing structures at each district level to function.

Redistribution and write-off for KRIA, or where the revenue goes

From the MPOIA guide we can also learn what redistribution, or a funding mechanism, is. It allows larger District Chambers of Architects (OIAs) to maintain smaller districts. In the case of MPOIA, redistribution consists of, among other things, a monthly transfer of 20% of all income to other districts. Between 5 and 8% is then returned to MPOIA by decision of the National Council of IARP as redistribution.

The write-off for KIRA, the funding mechanism for the National Council of the Polish Chamber of Architects, works in a similar way. For MPOIA, it is 30% of all income that flows into its account from its members—active male and female architects.

survey and reporting convention

We would like to remind you that the reporting conventions of each District Chamber of Architects are held in March. The Spring Reporting Convention of the MPOIA of the Republic of Poland will be held this Saturday (March 25 this year) at the „Miastoprojekt” building at 10:00 am in Krakow. A link to the online broadcast will also be made available on MPOIA's FB. Before that, MPOIA has prepared a survey on knowledge of the operation of the Professional Self-Government. We encourage you to fill it out.

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