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How to functionally furnish a bedroom? Practical advice from a respected interior designer

06 of February '24

With the winter season has come long and cold evenings. Naturally, we spend more and more time in the interiors of our homes and apartments, and it is these that bring us the desired comfort and warmth. Undoubtedly, one of those places that has a special function in our homes is the bedroom - a space that is the most intimate, personal and fulfills the fundamental need for security.

Alina Badora - realizacja sypialnii

Alina Badora - realization of the bedroom


Can the right furnishings of its interior help us in all this? And what principles to follow when designing and furnishing a bedroom? These questions were asked by Warsaw's Domoteka Design Center to Alina Badora, a recognized interior architect and owner of an authorial design studio.

The bedroom is that part of our apartments and houses which, like perhaps no other, can be called a sacred space. This may seem a bit solemn, although when we think about the fact that the bedroom is a space of regeneration, tranquility and such a special activity as sleep, we realize that it is one of our most personal places. And sleep, its various phases and the rituals that precede it, is not only an opportunity to rest and soothe the senses - sleep, as the basic physiological activity of our body, is the foundation of our health and well-being. On average, we sleep as much as one-third of our entire life, and the quality of our sleep determines the quality of the other two-thirds. And so we have moved from the realm of the sacred to biology, statistics, mundane and as practical as possible. In this case, can good rest and good sleep be designed?

By all means! As architect Alina Badora, an experienced interior designer and owner of an original design studio, who cooperates with Warsaw's Domoteka Design Center, says: "Interior design is actually a field based on ergonomics and mathematics, which determine functionality."

Łóżko Senpo Street

Senpo Street bed


The bed in the foreground

The centerpiece of any bedroom is the sleeping area, and in turn, its centerpiece is the bed. Thus, the first step in arranging the bedroom space should be to lay out the bed in the overall plan of the room - while maintaining the right proportions in relation to its size. Paradoxically, as architect Alina Badora mentions, one of the common and elementary mistakes is the choice of oversized, overscaled beds, which often negatively affects the subsequent daily functioning of the users.

Łóżko tapicerowane Azardi

Azardi upholstered bed


"The first rule of a well-planned bedroom is a well-designed sleeping space. The bed should have a comfortable mattress, but also - and this is often forgotten - a proper frame - which means, above all, its size adjusted to the dimensions of the room. A common problem is choosing beds that are too large, which ultimately affects the functioning and communication - if we do not leave space around the bed, later every morning and every evening we will be stumbling over the bed, bumping into it. And this mistake can be easily avoided. If you do not use the services of a designer, you can tape the floor yourself at the planning stage, which will give you an idea of the final size of the bed. Just remember that a 160 cm wide mattress will not mean a bed of the same width. We should still add the frame. As the rules derived from ergonomics tell us, it is best to leave a minimum of 50 cm for free passages from the wall or window."

As the architect adds, she herself usually recommends to her clients beds with upholstered frames and headrests, which are more pleasant to the touch and prevent chafing. Leaning against a soft, upholstered headrest also gives a sense of security and comfort. In addition, such headrests help keep the wall clean and optically enlarge the space. Upholstered beds from the premium shelf are also quite popular with Domoteka customers. In the Warsaw Design Center, they can be found in the showrooms of such respected brands as NAP, Hästens, Senpo and Azardi, among others.

Lampa Matin-s-brass-HAY NAP

Matin-s-brass-HAY lamp by NAP


Another important issue that directly relates to the functionality of the sleeping area is the floor finish, and specifically the materials used for this finish.

"As an architect, I am an ardent advocate of using warm flooring materials in bedrooms, such as natural wood, which is timeless, or soft carpeting, which with modern means can be kept clean without much trouble. These materials give comfort that, for example, placing your foot on a cold stone, sintered or porcelain stoneware surface first thing in the morning does not. These materials also do a great job of quieting the interior."

Scenography to soothe the senses

Complementing a room decorated in this way should be lighting that will emphasize the atmosphere of the space. Therefore, the ceiling general and functional light source is recommended to be supplemented with spot lamps and wall lamps located on two sides of the bed. Not only will they prove useful, for example, during evening reading, but they will also be a decorative element that will give expression to the aesthetics of the bedroom - in this role, for example, stylish lampshades will work perfectly. In recent years, a real career among lovers of expressive design has been made by lamps from the collection of the cult brand HAY, which in Domoteka can be found in the NAP showroom.

Lampa parade-240-HAY NAP

Parade-240-HAY lamp by NAP


"Light is an indispensable actor when it comes to creating the mood of tranquility we want in the bedroom. When I enter the room and turn on the dim, spot lighting, my body feels that I am slowly moving into a state of calm, of rest. With the help of lighting elements, you can design a real scenography for soothing the senses," the architect concludes.

The style of the interior, as well as the mood of its users, is also influenced by such aspects of decoration as colors, textures and patterns.

"My personal opinion is that the interior should be personalized, expressing you. The most recommended - and indeed popular among Poles - are natural colors: earth colors, warm beiges, grays, taupe color. From experience, I know that sky colors - shades of blue, blue, navy blue or the so-called Scandinavian sky - are also popular. The general rule is that combinations of different tones of the same color work best. I would only be against strong and aggressive colors. If we already want to decide on such an accent, we should balance it with mild colors of the surroundings, such as light fabrics," says Alina Badora.

Łóżko Blow NAP

Blow NAP bed


Bedroom, or offline space

One of the questions that Domoteka Design Center clients often ask is about the presence of a TV in the bedroom. As the interior designer admits, there is currently a growing trend in designing the bedroom as an offline space. According to the architect, "Nowadays, more and more people are giving up on placing a TV in the bedroom space. This is perfectly understandable, especially if we have the option of locating the TV in another room, such as the living room. Currently, we are exposed to a lot of stimuli - constant notifications from email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Slack. In this situation, the bedroom can be a space of disconnection from screens and the outside world - in a word: tranquility."

Wazon Bubble Dekoria

Bubble vase by Dekoria


What, then, is conducive to tranquility?

"Definitely the presence of personal mementos: pictures from the past, family photographs, objects that bring to mind pleasant moments, such as vacation memories. This brings a sense of security. Comfort is also brought by art - not only luxury accessories, but, for example, beautiful ceramics or a framed poster. A favorite fragrance sprayed in the bedroom space can also be a perfect addition to the whole."

A wide range of decorations - candles, photo or picture frames, as well as vases - can be found in the offer of the Dekoria brand. Its collection includes both glass, geometric vases (e.g. from the original Bubble series) and more organic forms made of ceramic, which will be a perfect match for boho-style interiors, for example.

Wazon Chierie Dekoria

Chierie vase Dekoria


Domoteka is Poland's largest Design Center with a wide range of furniture and interior accessories. Domoteka's space houses well-known Polish and international interior brands and high-quality design, which is valued by both individual customers and professionals - interior designers or stylists. More than 60 showrooms feature more than 600 renowned brands, some of which are available only at Domoteka. The bedroom offer of the Warsaw Design Center includes such showrooms with beds and mattresses as NAP, Hastens, Senpo, Selene, Azardi, Blest, Dreams Design or JMB Design. In addition, customers have at their disposal a marketplace platform with more than 40,000 products.

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Dywan z kolekcji Blest

Blest collection carpet


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