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HSK - LED headlights for special tasks

20 of April '22

Thoughtful light design is a key element of interior design for public spaces, commercial facilities and homes and apartments. An interesting way to create a flexible lighting system is to use LED spotlights mounted on rails. HSK Ledy, a Krakow-based manufacturer and distributor of lighting equipment, has launched a wide range of LED spotlights that will work well in a wide range of applications.

Flexible lighting system

The interiors where we live and work often require changes in lighting. This can be the case in stores and art galleries, when the layout of displays changes, but also in homes and apartments, depending on the time of day and the needs of the occupants. The installation of spotlights on three-phase rails offers great possibilities for light modification. Luminaires plugged into a three-phase GLOBAL cable can be manually separated into three groups using a mechanism on the lamp foot, so that all or only some of the light points are switched on as needed using a wall button. What's more, the position of the luminaire on the rail can be changed at will without the use of tools - just unbolt it from the rail and move it to another location or another rail.

Lira ZOOM LED rail spotlights at the National Museum in Krakow.
The exhibition XX + XXI. Polish Art Gallery. Arrangement design: Wzorro Design. HSK LEDY lighting.

© HSK Ledy

High light performance for professionals

Lighting of excellent quality is characterized by a high color rendering index CRI (Color Rendering Index, in Polish Ra). It is difficult to imagine a satisfied customer who drives out of the showroom with a red car, and in daylight notices that the paint is in fact maroon. How we perceive colors in artificial light is also important for patient safety (distinguishing between healthy and diseased tissue), and in dentistry for aesthetics - fillings used in teeth must look exactly the same in artificial light in the office as they do in sunlight. Things are similar in museums and art galleries. The light must not distort the colors that artists impart to their works while working in daylight. Therefore, in facilities such as museums, galleries, car and clothing showrooms and beauty salons, the most common requirement is for a color rendering index of Ra>93 and even Ra>97. LEDs in LIRA and LIK track spotlights from HSK Ledy easily meet such requirements. The excellent quality LEDs also do not emit UV radiation, which should be avoided when lighting works of art and other light-sensitive exhibits.

Lira ZOOM LED track spotlights at the National Museum in Krakow.
The exhibition XX + XXI. Polish Art Gallery. Arrangement design: Wzorro Design. HSK LEDY lighting

© HSK Ledy

Specialized optics for special tasks

Perfect lighting is sometimes also a matter of creating precise zones and contrasts between what is light and what is dark. This is sometimes the case in storefronts, religious buildings and most often in museums and art galleries. In such tasks, HSK LEDY track spotlights from the Lira Zoom and Lira Target series are perfect. They allow not only to direct a narrow beam of light in any direction, but also to manually adjust the size of the light spot. Lira ZOOM allows you to adjust the angle of light distribution from 15 to 65.

Lira Zoom luminaires from HSK LEDY - manual adjustment of distribution angle and light intensity 10-100%.
The 3F rail hidden in the profile of the Antilia A-69 linear luminaire, which further illuminates the
historic vaults of the Instituto Cervantes gallery in Krakow.

© HSK Ledy

For the most demanding tasks, the Lira Target framing spotlights are recommended. The advanced optical system of these lamps allows to obtain a precise square or rhombus on the illuminated wall, even when shining at an angle. In addition, the lens system allows perfect sharpening of the edges of the illuminated field. The use of Lira Target luminaires makes it possible to achieve a backlight effect - images illuminated in this way give the impression of being backlit.

Lira TARGET framing fixtures - manual adjustment of the shape of the illuminated surface, the possibility of sharpening the edges of the light spot.
Color rendering Ra>98, no chromatic aberration.

© HSK Ledy

HSK lighting - versatility and quality for years.

LIRA track spotlights in 4F chain sportswear stores

© HSK Ledy

Choosing floodlights from HSK Ledy is a guarantee of the best lighting effects in any project. A large shopping mall, the National Museum or an intimate design store - HSK LEDY treats each topic individually. The company's lighting design department will select the optimal lighting and check its compliance with standards. Advisors will help choose the right light parameters, and the technical and production department in Poland will ensure that the luminaires do not fail - the company offers long-term guarantees and full post-warranty service for the luminaires.

For more information, visit the company's HSK LEDY page on the A&B portal.

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