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Hybrid heating in a modern office building - why is it worth it?

15 of February '24

Infores Business Park, a modern office and retail complex in the heart of Przemyśl, relies on sustainable and efficient heating solutions. Thanks to the use of a hybrid system based on heat pumps and De Dietrich gas boilers, it provides not only optimal thermal comfort, but also energy savings and concern for the environment.

Infores Business Park - a business center with a modern heating system

The use of two different heating technologies made it possible to create a comprehensive and efficient heating system. Infores Business Park uses an efficient hybrid system, based on two HPI S heat pumps (27 kW) and two Evodens PRO AMC condensing gas boilers (65 kW) from De Dietrich. The HPI S heat pumps are characterized by high efficiency, achieving a high COP, which allows significant energy savings. Meanwhile, Evodens PRO AMC condensing gas boilers provide reliable support in extreme conditions thanks to their flexible operation and high efficiency. The hybrid system created thus ensures stability and efficiency of operation throughout the year.

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Advantages of hybrid solutions in practice

Combining heat pumps with gas boilers in a hybrid system brings a number of advantages. Because heat pumps use renewable energy sources, the system becomes more environmentally friendly while saving money. During periods of moderate temperatures, heat pumps can be the main source of heat, while in extreme conditions, gas boilers take over most of the load. Such an arrangement also provides greater reliability, minimizing the risk of heat supply interruptions.

  • Energy savings - by using heat pumps, which use renewable energy sources, and efficient gas boilers, the hybrid system allows a significant reduction in heating costs, while minimizing the environmental impact.
  • Stability of operation - the combination of two different heat sources ensures greater reliability of system operation. If one fails, the other can take over the load, minimizing the risk of heat supply interruptions.
  • Flexibility - the hybrid system allows heat production to be adjusted to current needs and external conditions. During periods with moderate temperatures, heat pumps are the main source of heat, while in extreme conditions, when a higher load is needed, gas boilers take over.
  • Modern control - thanks to advanced control systems, the operation of the entire system can be monitored and regulated remotely, allowing optimal management of energy consumption.

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The hybrid system consisting of heat pumps and gas boilers installed at Infores Business Park is an example of an innovative approach to heating commercial buildings. By using the latest technology, investors can achieve optimal thermal comfort while minimizing environmental impact and reducing operating costs. It is a solution that meets the needs of modern offices and commercial buildings, providing a constant temperature throughout the year.

You can read a case study of the installation of the hybrid system at Infores Business Park here

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