Industrial gates

02 of September '21

WIŚNIOWSKI industrial gates

WIŚNIOWSKI company has many types of modern and safe industrial gates in its offer.

SlidePro industrial gates - SlidePro is another product, combining the proven design of overhead-sliding gates with a modern shell, made of steel panels, used in sectional gates. Thanks to such a construction, SlidePro has gained exceptional aesthetic qualities and excellent structural strength parameters. SlidePro industrial doors are simple solutions in halls with limited construction possibilities. They are used in premises where the closure requires openings of large width. The SlidePro door's innovation consists, among other things, in extending the functionality of the suspended-sliding structure with the ability to adjust the door both horizontally and vertically. This significantly increases the SlidePro door's applicability to, for example, modernized facilities. The SlidePro gate's ease of installation greatly expands its functionality. The number of mounting elements has been reduced to a minimum, so the installation itself is not complicated, and the operation of the gate is free and trouble-free. The possibility of mounting to the ceiling or lintel makes the gate universal in terms of application. Like other types of overhead-sliding gates, SlidePro can be made in single- or double-leaf versions. SlidePro surprises with its aesthetic qualities. This is due to the redesigned gate shell, made of steel panels filled with polyurethane foam, known from sectional doors. A V-embossed panel and a smooth panel, with the possibility of painting in RAL colors, are dedicated to the wings. Refined details enhance the impression of a unified appearance, making these gates perfect for modern spaces. They will work well as a neutral partition, as well as when the investor wants to emphasize the colorful qualities of the surroundings and the interior of the building. The gate is available in manual and automatic versions. It can be equipped with additional options, such as a wicket door, windows or a structure for mounting to the ceiling. The use of a 40-mm-thick mantle and a sealing system contributes to the optimal thermal transmittance parameters of the SlidePro gate, as confirmed by the tests of the Institute of Building Technology. The heat transfer coefficient is 2.07 W/m2K for the 6000×4000 gate. The SlidePro gate has been tested, confirming that it meets the parameters required by European standards PN-EN 13241-1. It is characterized by watertightness in class 2 and air permeability in class 1.

Industrial gates Marko Pro - Industrial sectional gate is designed for use in buildings: residential, public, industrial plants, including food industry (without direct contact with food) and collective garages. The gate consists of vertical and/or horizontal overhead tracks, a leaf constructed of steel panels filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam or glazed aluminum panels. The structure is made of galvanized elements. The gate is sealed around the entire perimeter. To balance the weight of the leaf, the gates use a secure torsion spring system.

MarkroTherm industrial g ates - The MakroTherm industrial gate is another gate in WIŚNIOWSKI company's offer, created on the basis of INNOVO panel with a thickness of 60 mm and heat transfer coefficient U=0.37 [W/m2xK]. This translates into thermal insulation of the entire gate at the level of U=0.79 [W/m2xK] (for a gate of 5500×2250 [mm]). Thanks to the hinges equipped with sliding sleeves and double rollers, you can be sure that the gate will operate smoothly and quietly. The guaranteed minimum number of cycles is 25,000. In addition, the MakroTherm gate is characterized by watertightness in class 2, resistance to wind load in class 4, air permeability in class 5 and acoustic insulation at the level of Rw=24 [dB]. The gate is available in manual and automatic versions, and as many as three types of guidance - STL, HL, VL (standard, high, vertical) will allow it to fit into any room.

MarkroTherm XXL industrial gates -MakroThermXXL is an innovative product combining the proven construction of a sectional gate with a modern shell made of 60 mm thick panels. Its design allows the manufacture of gates with maximum dimensions of as much as 10,000×5,000 [mm] (W x H). MakroTherm XXL is equipped with a reliable electric drive SE 25.24 FU with an inverter that guarantees smooth operation of the gate (soft start and stop), powered by 230 V or 340 V. The gate is equipped as standard with a light curtain for maximum safety of use. A densely woven network of photocells protects the gate light from uncontrolled closing when there is an obstacle in the light.

Industrial gates BR-100 - Roller shutter gates BR-100 are the perfect equipment for industrial halls, warehouses or commercial and service facilities. Reliable and functional, from now on they give even more assurance of solid protection. All thanks to equipment that increases the gate's resistance to wind load from class 2 to class 3. Each gate profile has been equipped with anti-wind hooks moving in reinforced guides. The bottom aluminum panel has also been reinforced, which increases the stability of the structure. BR-100 gates in resistance class 3 are a suitable barrier for a maximum pressure difference of 700 Pa according to PN-EN 12424:2002 and are recommended for buildings with increased requirements for wind pressure.

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