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Industrial style interiors in their extravagance

03 of January '22

Industrial style interiors in their extravagance

Industrial style in architecture, which was born as a result of the need to develop post-industrial spaces, has many supporters for years.

Metal, beton, cegła,
szarości to wyznaczniki stylu industrialnego

Metal, concrete, brick, grays are the markers of industrial style

© Perforation

Metal, concrete, brick, grays are the determinants of the industrial style, which was liked by both private investors and designers and users of public facilities.

Industrial style interiors in their extravagance, in addition to the raw texture of concrete, delight with metal elements in the form of expanded metal or perforated metal sheets from Perforacja - perforated metal sheets sp. z o.o. of Krakow.

Mesh is made of all metals: ordinary steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, as well as for exterior facades of aluminum.
Mesh can also be produced on special order from material such as COR-TEN or copper, brass.

Metalowe siatki fasadowe

metal facade meshes

© Perforacja

Metal facade nets - steel and aluminum

Perfoorion®, Perfocassiopea®, Perfocrater®, Perfoleo®, Perfosagitta®, Perfopegasus®, Perfophoenix®, Perfohercules®, Perfolyra®, Perfoandromeda® and other designs offered by Perforacja - perforated sheets sp. z o.o. from Krakow are the quintessence of this modern trend in interior architecture.
Raw by its nature, the industrial style finds supporters not only among young, bold design enthusiasts.

i minimalizm stylu industrialnego

simplicity and minimalism of industrial style

© Perforacja

The simplicity and minimalism of the industrial style also appeal to users who value tradition, and juxtaposed with metal such traditional materials as brick and wood perfectly warm up the seemingly austere interior.
We invite architects, designers, as well as steel and aluminum construction contractors to cooperate with us.

Formore information, visit the company 'sPERFORACJA – BLACHY PERFOROWANE Sp. z o.o. page on theAiB portal.

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