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INFINITI Thermo sets new standard for sectional garage doors

12 of February '24

INFINITI Thermo sectional doors are a high-profile novelty of Eco-Windows. It is very likely to become one of the company's flagship products in a short time. Among other things, it uses 60 mm thick panels, thanks to which the Thermo line is an answer to the growing needs for thermal insulation.

Visibly warmer sectional doors

A novelty from Eco-Windows, the INFINITI Thermo line of gates is distinguished primarily by steel panels of rare thickness, inside of which is an insulating material.

"60" is characterized by a heat transfer coefficient of 0.36 W/m2K, comparable to the best solutions available on the market. It is worth remembering that this value alone is not everything. As for the panel, its design is also very important, and in INFINITI Thermo doors it has a uniform thickness. It does not have the constriction that can be found in some other proposals.

ThisUp value means an improvement in the thermal properties of the panel by about ¼ over what can now be considered a good market standard. And a reduction in lost energy at this level is a not inconsiderable step toward reducing building operating costs.

The new gates have also effectively eliminated the risk of leakage between panels and around the perimeter of the gate shell. Noteworthy in particular is the double lip perimeter seal equipped with an additional thermal insulation chamber. Its appearance means that the gate is thermally protected not only by the gasket itself, but gets another cover in the form of an additional chamber.

Gaskets at the joints of the panels are also an innovation, as two appear, while the market standard is only one. The FINGER PROTECTION shape of the panel joint, which causes the panels to overlap, also helps ensure good insulation.

Thermal insulation and versatility

The flagship feature of INFINITI Thermo doors is their very high thermal insulation, but the versatility of this solution is also extremely important. It manifests itself in two aspects.

The first refers to the minimum technical conditions that must appear in the garage in order to accommodate a sectional door. The minimum dimension of the carbs is only 100 mm, and the minimum dimensions of the lintel should be only 200 mm. This applies to a door with a suspension system based on torsion springs located at the front.

INFINITI Thermo doors with this suspension also allow you to secure very large garages. The maximum area of the gate is as much as 18m2 with a maximum width of 6 meters. Keep in mind that the resulting weight should not exceed 295 kilograms. The maximum permissible height is 3 meters, which is fully sufficient for typical residential construction.

Several years without replacing components

INFINITI Thermo is based on solutions proven in standard versions of INFINITI doors. This means that there will be no surprises here, and all the advantages for which Eco-Windows products have been appreciated so far will also be found here.

The most important thing here, naturally, is durability and reliability, the basic determinants of user satisfaction. The torsion springs used are calculated for many thousands of duty cycles, which for a typical single-family home means at least a dozen years of operation without the need to replace them. This assumes, of course, proper care of the product owned, but this is not a challenge for the average retail customer. Maintenance of the gate is simple and undemanding.

Equally reliable is the equipment that can be matched to the gate. This refers primarily to the drives. Eco-Okna offers the very popular Somfy drives, widely trusted, and JIM solutions from the Italian company Beninca, worth considering for their outstanding performance.

Nothing prevents you from ordering a gate without a drive and using your preferred solution.

Safety is a priority

In addition to the legally required safety solutions, Eco-Okna strives to offer even more protection for the user. Regardless of the additional equipment packages the investor may opt for, each gate arrives at the installation site pre-assembled, reducing the risk of human error. A number of solutions have also been applied to make installation easier and better, as well as offering full angles to protect the inattentive gate user from contact with the gate rollers moving in the tracks.

If you also take into account the rich colors, embossing and accessories, both typically aesthetic and offering additional functionality, INFINITI Thermo has a chance to really dominate not only the Polish garage door market.

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