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"It was a display of genius" - architect Boguslaw Barnaś on Galeco's new product

12 of June '23

Szczepan Buryło - president of the Galeco brand - is known for his unconventional ideas and original solutions introduced to the market. After the Galeco BEZOKAPOWY system, the time has come for the next stage of the revolution - Galeco DACHRYNNA. The product ambassador Boguslaw Barnaś, who gave his opinion on the project before it was introduced to the market, talks about the project.

What was your first thought when you heard about Galeco DACHRYNNA?

For me it was a manifestation of Szczepan Buryło's genius. I didn't expect that the market could reach such a level of development in terms of how to drain water. Some time ago I cooperated with Galeco using a great product, which is the BEZOKAPOWY system. The result of this cooperation was the Polska Zagroda house project. At the time I thought that the market would not go any further. Meanwhile, one day Szczepan called me and asked me to meet with him, because he had something to show me.

Bogusław Barnaś

Boguslaw Barnaś


This was the DACHRYNNA system project?

It was. Szczepan showed me the drawings before the start of production to give me an opinion on the product. It was a real "wow" effect. I was sure that the solution would be accepted and quickly. Therefore, I did not hesitate for long and decided to use DACHRYNA for a new project - the Slavic House. This is how I became an ambassador of the new product.

How do you think this innovative system will affect the future of architecture and construction?

DACHRYNNA is an idea that does not exist anywhere else in the world! For the first time on the market there is an integrated 2-in-1 system, which combines the roof - in the form of a seam panel with a gutter hidden in its structure and the facade of the building. This is a wonderful simplification of the construction process that everyone - architects and investors alike - will be pleased with. On top of that, it is an aesthetically pleasing product, matching in design and color to current trends. I think the DACHRYNNA system will completely change the way buildings are designed and constructed.

Bogusław Barnaś

Boguslaw Barnaś


It's always the case with innovations that there are pioneers in their use like you and people who think it might not work. What could you say about DACHRYNNA to those who are not ready to use this project?

It is worth noting that in addition to the benefits I mentioned earlier, DACHRYNNA is a safe product. Water drainage or the tightness of the roofing is one of the most important aspects when building a house. Galeco has taken care of this in a multifaceted way. This is because the system has additional protections. Under the panel roofing, on the roof slope between the gutter system section and the eaves termination, a second layer of EPDM membrane insulation is installed. Moreover, the materials used to create the roof substructure are durable and guarantee the stability of the entire system and the longevity of the slope. So I'm sure that still unconvinced people, will quickly change their minds and start using DACHRYNNY in their projects.

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