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Jan Szeliga and Krzysztof Janas double winners of the THEORY and PRACTICE Scholarship Competition

02 of April '20

The project entitled. "Wieśland, or urban fantasy covered with a thatched roof" won the main prize in two programs organized by the Stefan Kurylowicz Foundation - the Theory Competition and the PRACTICE Scholarship Edition 2019. Congratulations!

Innovative architectural ideas, even the best ones, without translating them into practical solutions may forever remain in the realm of unrealized ideas and dreams. This year's winners of the Stefan Kurylowicz Foundation's programs, Jan Szeliga and Krzysztof Janas, did not stop with just the theoretical vision of a countryside amusement park submitted to the Theory Competition. The young architects simultaneously presented a design and then an architectural concept in the PRACTICE Scholarship program.

Leisure next to the National Stadium

The theoretical paper "Wieśland, or urban fantasy covered with thatched roofs" describes the creation of leisure infrastructure in the vicinity of the National Stadium in Warsaw, with a rural setting as a backdrop. The architects outlined a vision of a green space with inns and a mill, where park users become participants in a spectacle of rural idyll. According to Krzysztof Janas:

In our work we wanted to signal the problem of too fast a pace of life in the city and the lack of a form of escape from the urban rush at hand. This is how the idea of creating a country park in the center of the city came about.

Wieśland, czyli miejska fantazja kryta strzechą”: proj.: Jan Szeliga, Krzysztof Janas

The jury composed of: Ewa P. Porębska, Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Grzegorz Piątek, Jacek Purchla, Bogna Świątkowska, Marta A. Urbańska, Piotr Sarzyński appreciated the bold approach to the relationship between the countryside and the city and the attempt to inscribe architecture in difficult socio-cultural patterns, all using passionate, humorous language.
A detailed description of the solutions contained in the award-winning text will be available in a publication to be published this fall by the Stefan Kurylowicz Foundation as part of the award.

 „Wieśland, czyli miejska fantazja kryta strzechą” proj.: Jan Szeliga, Krzysztof Janas

The proposal for an urban theme park in a rural setting was also recognized in the practical aspect, winning the PRACTICE Scholarship. The jury composed of: Dorota Szlachcic, Jakub Waclawek, Aleksandra Wasilkowska, Maciej Frąckowiak, Konrad Grabowiecki, Agnieszka Olędzka, awarded Jan Szeliga and Krzysztof Janas out of three finalist teams. According to the jury:

The work entitled. "Wieśland, or urban fantasy covered with a thatched roof" was appreciated for its form of provocative hybrid of artificial folklore, which intrigues, prompts reflection on the interdependence of the city, nature and the environment, and the relationship of the center to the periphery. The project, thanks to its play with conventions, has a chance to initiate a discussion about the future of urban architecture and the way residents rest.

The winners of the PRACTICE Scholarship, in addition to the scholarship, will receive substantive support to work on the development of the project for the next six months.


In addition, the jury in the THEORY competition recognized two more works: "Residence in oblivion" by Nikolai Twardowski, which presented Alzheimer's disease in the context of architecture, and "Medieval gender. Beginage as a phenomenon of residential architecture" by Marta Wróblewska.

Also competing in the finals of the PRACTICE Fellowship were Maciej Moszant 's work on reducing traffic accidents involving pedestrians, and a project titled "The road accident. "Beware(us)!" byMagdalena Orzeł-Rurańska and Kinga Kwaśny.

Read also about the contest 's objectives and the finals.

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