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BSO finishing strips (jointless insulation systems)

01 of June '20

Elements of jointless insulation system - finishing strips B15 type E and B16 type V

Trims for building insulation systems (BSO - jointless thermal insulation systems - "light-wet" method, from E.T.I.C.S. - external thermal insulation composite system) are - next to the other elements of the system i.e. thermal facing (mineral wool, styrofoam), glue, plaster, dowels, glass mesh - an equally important and indispensable building material for proper and durable finishing of the edges of the warming facade. The products of Bella Plast - which just specializes in the production of strips and profiles for thermal insulation systems - provide comprehensive technical solutions for professional implementation of BSO facades.

Bella Plast profiles are dedicated to the following parts of the BSO facade:

  1. The joint between the plaster and the window frame - here we use window expansion mouldings (BP13 series),
  2. Any elements (shapes) protruding outward from the facade, e.g., balcony, terrace, bay window, or most commonly: the lower end of the facade above the plinth - here we use drip caps (BP14 series, and BP14 LUX COK, BP1 S series),
  3. Corners: around windows, doors, or the corner of the building - here, of course, we use reinforcing angles (BP10 series),
  4. Finishing facade strips (BP22) used at the border of the change of plaster grain or / and its color.
  5. Ridging strips (BP11) + system of cross connectors and "T" shaped connectors,
  6. Decorative imitations of sheet metal "on the seam" (BP19 - NEW),
  7. Specialized facade expansion joint profiles (BP15) and (BP16 angular) at the location of the course of the division of buildings (set on separate footings) or when the horizontal span of the facade exceeds 15m.

Below is an example of BP15 type E and BP16 type V facade expansion strips.

Widok wysuniętej
membrany dylatacyjnej (listwa górna) © BELLA PLAST

BP15 strip
View of the protruding expansion membrane (top strip)


BP15 type E skirting board

The BP15 type E skirting board consists of two PVC angles, an expansion membrane made of soft PVC - according to Shore scale A 58 - and glass mesh. The BP15 type E strip is used to create an expansion joint in a flat thermal insulation façade. Installation of the strip is carried out by placing the membrane in the expansion gap, leaving a gap of about 5mm wide. The strip should be pasted on the edges of the Styrofoam. Then - cover overlapping from the top - reinforcing facade mesh, strips of glass mesh in which the BP15 strip is provided and sink into the adhesive. Bonding the strip and covering "overlapping" the mesh should be done as much as possible in one gluing operation. After the glue has dried, primed, plastering can begin. The BP15 strip has a special extension of the expansion membrane at the end, extending beyond the length of the PVC angles. The membrane, which extends a few centimeters, is used to make the connection of two slats vertically into a so-called "fish scale" - that is, the membrane at the lower end (of the vertically placed BP15 slat) should overlap the membrane of the BP15 slat below. In this way, rainwater will run down the membrane without the possibility of flowing under the expansion membrane and getting under the facade. The batten should be used when the building is founded on separate footings and/or the width of the façade exceeds 15 meters, and wherever there may be stresses on the façade.

Listwa BP16 Widok
wysuniętej membrany dylatacyjnej (listwa górna) © BELLA PLAST

BP16 strip
View of the protruding expansion membrane (top strip)


BP16 type V skirting board

The BP16 V-type skirting board is essentially no different from the BP15 skirting board. The BP16 skirting board is made of an angle bar and a PVC flat bar, and thanks to this, it is used to make an expansion joint in the facade in the inner corner of the building. Installation of the skirting board is carried out analogously to the installation of the BP15 skirting board.

For more information, visit the company's BELLA PLAST Jastrzębski i Wspólnicy Sp. K. page on the A&B portal.

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