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Knauf Ceiling Solutions introduces new hygienic ceilings

09 of June '23

A new line of hygienic suspended ceilings by Knauf Ceiling Solutions has been available on the Polish market since June 1. The solutions are dedicated to interiors where the safety of users and a high level of hygiene are crucial: health and care premises, kindergartens, nurseries, as well as food-related interiors, such as production facilities and premises in the food service segment, among others.

The new challenge of arranging spaces where people spend time has recently become safety and optimization for the health and well-being of users. For a long time, the level of hygiene has been crucial for health care - hospitals, clinics or laboratory rooms. Many sanitary requirements must also be met by those interiors where food is stored or processed. These are not only production facilities and cold stores, but also kitchens in restaurants. Health safety also plays an increasingly strong role in buildings where users learn, play or live. That's why the interiors of kindergartens, nurseries or nursing homes are being designed with special attention directed to the selection of materials that meet high health requirements.

Szpital w Holandii

A hospital in the Netherlands

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

The manufacturer of acoustic ceiling and wall solutions for buildings, Knauf Ceiling Solutions, has just introduced new ceilings focused on people and their health and safety in interiors where they spend time. The novelty includes as many as 8 types of ceiling tiles in total: HYGENA Plain, HYGENA Acoustic 15 mm, HYGENA Alpha, HYGENA Aquatec, MEDIGUARD Plain, MEDIGUARD Acoustic, MEDIGUARD Alpha and METAL BIOGUARD.

The line of hygienic panels gives architects, designers and contractors the opportunity to choose the right ceiling solution that meets the highest industry standards, explains Charlotte Méheux, Global Product Manager Multi-Material at Knauf Ceiling Solutions.

Stop bacteria and fungi

Ceilings from the innovative line feature the best microbiological cleanliness class (M1), and antimicrobial properties tested for up to 8 bacteria and fungi.

They also meet the highest standards in terms of indoor air quality: class A+ conditions in accordance with French regulations on VOC (VOC), formaldehyde (E1) and Indoor Air Comfort Gold.

Szpital Pediatryczny w Warszawie

Pediatric Hospital in Warsaw

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

For medical-type facilities, one of the most important risk reduction factors is to prevent the spread of contaminants through the air. One of the most stringent standards evaluating medical facility standards in Europe is the French NF S 90-351:2013 standard. Knauf Ceiling Solutions' new hygienic ceilings meet the requirements of this standard. That's why they can be installed not only in rooms with a low risk of infection such as lobbies or reception areas of medical facilities, but also in areas with an elevated or high level of risk: wards for infectious diseases, pediatrics, obstetrics, as well as interiors with specialized sanitary requirements of the so-called clean room, such as operating rooms and ICUs.

Panels from the new line can be cleaned with dry cleaning or dry steam, and have a high level of resistance to disinfectants. In addition, HYGENA Aquatec, MEDIGUARD and METAL BIOGUARD panels are waterproof.

Szpital w Warszawie

A hospital in Warsaw

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Wellbeing holistically - acoustics for health

In addition to their hygienic properties, the ceilings are characterized by their ability to shape acoustics that improve health and well-being. High absorption of unwanted noise and reverberation significantly increases the comfort of the room, helping with work and regeneration. HYGENA Alpha and MEDIGUARD Alpha panels offer the highest sound absorption coefficient αw, while non-perforated METAL BIOGUARD panels attenuate sound at 44dB.

elementy sufitu higienicznego

hygienic ceiling elements

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

When properly planned with suspended ceilings, acoustics enhance patient and staff comfort, but with proper sound insulation between rooms, it also increases patient privacy.

For more information, visit the company's KNAUF CEILING SOLUTIONS Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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