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Students proposed to add to the urban fabric in Wroclaw

02 of April '24

Krystian Cięciwa and Wojciech Bandyk - students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology - have proposed to supplement the urban fabric of Wrocław with a building called MedioResidence. The goal of the project? To appropriately complement one of Wrocław's frontages.

MedioResidence ma uzupełniać jedną z wrocławskich pierzei

MedioResidence is to complement one of Wrocław's frontages

© Krystian Cięciwa, Wojciech Bandyk

The presented project was created during the second semester of the first-degree course in the subject of architectural design - service and residential buildings in the city at the Wrocław University of Technology. The project was created under the direction of Dr. Pawel Amalowicz.

makieta założenia wraz z otoczeniem

mock-up of the establishment with its surroundings

© Krystian Cięciwa, Wojciech Bandyk

A thoughtful addition to a Wroclaw street

What was the main goal of the project? Supplementing the urban fabric on the corner of Hugo Kołłątaja and Tadeusza Rejtana streets, near the famous Mezonetowiec (designed by Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak, Igor Tawryczewski,Maria Tawryczewska, Edmund Frąckiewicz). The building was divided into a part intended for a mediatheque and a residential part.

głównym założeniem projektowym było uzupełnienie tkanki urbanistycznej atrakcyjną architekturą

The main design idea was to complement the urban fabric with attractive architecture

© Krystian Cięciwa, Wojciech Bandyk

The main design assumption was to complement the urban fabric with attractive architecture that fits into the given context, accessible to a diverse group of recipients. The location of the plot close to the center of Wroclaw and good transport links with other areas of the city created an ideal basis for the design of the mediatheque. The building was divided in relation to the functional scheme. The distinction is highlighted not only by the separation of functions by a glass connector, but also by a different approach to the solution of the elevation, the authors point out in the project description.

kompleks składa się z części mieszkalnej oraz użytkowej

The complex consists of a residential and a commercial part

© Krystian Cięciwa, Wojciech Bandyk

The immediate surroundings defined not only the size and proportions of the building, but also its layout. The neighboring building on the side of Kołłątaja Street dictated the new block's horizontal divisions, which were transferred to the residential part. This was handled in a completely different way in the part from Rejtana Street, where the introduction of openwork panels was proposed on the facade of the mediatheque.

An important element during the design process was to take into account the current character of the neighboring buildings and link them to the newly designed building. A fragment of the interior of the quarter was renovated by replacing the surface of the pedestrian routes and adding low and medium-high greenery," reads the author's description by Krystian Cięciwa and Wojciech Bandyk.

najbliższe otoczenie zdefiniowało nie tylko wielkość i proporcje budynku

The immediate surroundings defined not only the size and proportions of the building

© Krystian Cięciwa, Wojciech Bandyk

division into two parts

Visible from the façade level, the division of the MedioResidence complex into two parts was supplemented by several important functions. Underneath the premise, technical facilities and storage cells have been designed - which allows to maintain a proper connection with public and residential functions.

On the first floor of the media building is the main entrance, a rest area and space for temporary exhibitions. In the northern building are located bicycle storage and bookstores. On the second floor of the mediatheque there is an administrative area. The next floor is an exhibition space open to the next floor, where a relaxation zone surrounded by greenery has been placed. On the fourth floor there is a computer and library space. The last floor of the mediatheque is a catering zone with an outdoor terrace. The northern building contains apartments of different typologies, including two-story apartments.

na górze mediateki zlokalizowano coctailbar

A coctailbar has been located on top of the mediatheque

© Krystian Cięciwa, Wojciech Bandyk

multi-material construction

The authors emphasize that locally available construction and finishing materials were used in the design. The overall design includes numerous glazings, which bring the right amount of daylight into the functionally diverse spaces. This, combined with greenery, positively influences the well-being of users.

The Mediateka building relies on a prefabricated reinforced concrete structure. In the case of the service and residential part, the structure was made of CLT cross-glued timber, with the small exception of the use of reinforced concrete at the level of the underground floor and the staircase.

projekt elewacji

facade design

© Krystian Cięciwa, Wojciech Bandyk

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