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Asteria Micro. A small lamp for big tasks

22 of February '22

Asteria Micro lamp by Umage available from Pufa Design.

Danish brand Umage, famous for its modern and practical lighting, has just launched a new version of the Asteria ceiling lamp. It is worth looking into for use in public premises and development projects, because although small, it can do a lot!

Asteria Micro Saffron

Asteria Micro Saffron


The lamp is called Micro for a reason - it is only 15 cm in diameter. The lampshade is made of aluminum and features an integrated LED panel and an acrylic glass diffuser, which provides a soft, diffused light. Instead, the black cable is as long as 4 meters! In addition, this very product is dedicated to the Asteria Micro Cluster headliner. Modern and discreet, made of black aluminum, it allows three lampshades to be hung together.

Modern retro in petrol shade

The lamp has an economical, elegant form, "spiced" with tasty details that make the design remarkable and eye-catching. Such a flavor, for example, is a gold-colored metal element, which beautifully matches the lampshade in one of several original colors: pearl white, anthracite, bottle or light green, bleached pink, vivid orange, blue in the shade of "petrol"... Modern minimalism, combined with the retro charm of old library and club lamps, predestines this design for use in a variety of design styles: from frugal Scandinavian, to elegant New York, to rich glamour. Asteria Micro will fit (also visually) anywhere!

Asteria Micro black Asteria Micro pearl white

Asteria Micro black, Asteria Micro pearl white


Solo, in a trio and in a larger set

This design is an ideal choice for the contract market, for a variety of projects: catering establishments, hotels, boutiques, offices. Not only because the manufacturer gives it as much as a ten-year warranty. It's simply a universal lamp, which will let the interior designer let his imagination run wild, and give the investor a sense of wise investment of money. Used alone, the Asteria Micro is perfect over a table in a café or a table in a restaurant. Lamps in larger numbers will work well over a reception desk, bar or in a lobby, that is, anywhere they can hang in a row. And if we use the Asteria Micro Cluster soffit to connect them, we will create a chandelier with three points of light (the positioning of which can be freely maneuvered). Combining discreet elegance with remarkable colors, as well as precise and solid workmanship, Asteria Micro will wonderfully illuminate any arrangement.

Asteria Micro cluster
3 anthracite grey Asteria Micro cluster 3 nuance

Asteria Micro cluster 3 anthracite grey, Asteria Micro cluster 3 nuance mist.


The Asteria Micro lamp and other Umage lighting proposals for development projects are offered by the Pufa Design store, the brand's official distributor for Poland. Pufa's showroom is located in Kolobrzeg at 31 Bałtycka Street.

For more information, visit the company 'sPufa Design page on theAiB portal.

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