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Arigato lamps - European design with Far Eastern charm

27 of February '21

In 2006, three Croatian designers: Ivana Pavic, Tihana Taraba and Filip Despot decided to join forces as Group Products, more recently, Group. They propose designs as simple and eloquent as the name of their company. One particularly expressive proposal is the Arigato lamps, which the creators intend to symbolize a modest gesture of gratitude.

The Arigato line includes table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps. The design is simple - strong steel arms lift an aluminum shade with a "hat" form - white, black (with a white interior) or in a pure shade of brushed aluminum. In the ceiling version, the lampshade simply hangs from a cable. An additional metal element covers the bulb, so that the lamp's light remains adequately strong, but at the same time gently diffused and friendly to the eyes.

Stojąca lampa
Arigato Wisząca lampa Arigato

Arigato lamps are available, for example, in standing and hanging versions

© Pufa Design

European design bows to Japan

Arigato means thanks in Japanese, but the design alludes to the art of the Cherry Blossom Country not only by its name. The elegant simplicity, visual austerity of this design bring to mind the characters of the Japanese alphabet - this association is most evident in the case of the black version of the lamp, which, incidentally, appeared first. Boldly drawn lines, marking perspectives quite different from the European one, invite you on a fascinating trip to the quiet, somewhat mysterious land of Japanese paintings and graphics. Such a design is an extraordinary treat for architects! Its purity, combined with practical qualities, will work in a wide variety of arrangements - from those maintained in a strict industrial style, through frugal Scandinavian, to romantically orientalist. Accents of black or white, moreover, are now fashionable in any style. Arigato's functionality allows it to be used in a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, work or children's room. The lamp also appears in public places - cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices.

Podwójna lampa
Arigato Duża lampa Arigato

Arigato lamps are also models with arms

© Pufa Design

less or more

The ceiling version has a plastic cord and a metal headliner. The wall lamp has a cord with a plug and a piece that attaches the lamp to the wall - however, you can connect Arigato directly to the cord in the wall. The design of the models with arms allows easy adjustment at any point of their connection and free maneuvering of the positioning of the lampshade. Most versions have shades with a diameter of 22.8 cm, but recently Arigato ceiling and wall-mounted ones have appeared, whose canopy is as large as 45 cm in cross-section. We get more light - to clearly express "thank you".

The exclusive representative of the Group brand for Poland is the Showroom and online store Pufa Design. Since 2010, the company has specialized in retail, distribution and contract sales of lighting and furniture.

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