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Laufen Bespoke, or customized products

26 of September '20

Customized interior design is a trend that will become increasingly important. Designing a modern bathroom, therefore, will be a complex process, requiring a combination of different materials, specific products and individual sizes. The Laufen brand meets these challenges and customer expectations by providing support and expertise.

A customized offer can be made to meet the customer's needs. That's why washbasins are available in many variants as under-counter, half-counter, countertop or with countertop. Countertops of any length are connected to the basin in an invisible, seamless way. Basins for washbasins also come in a variety of shapes from rectangular, round to oval with different depths. They can be mounted on the wall, in an alcove, with or without a towel holder. In addition, it is possible to install a splash guard in several variants: on one, two or three sides and over the top of the washbasin. The guards are available in different heights, and the front panel can be equipped with a towel holder. Faucets and overflow holes can be planned in different configurations. The basins are equipped with an integrated overflow.

{Laufen Bespoke products made of Solid Surface material,title=Laufen Bespoke products made of Solid Surface}

Products from the Laufen Bespoke line made of Solid Surface material


The products are made of Solid Surface material. This is a unique material made of a special blend of minerals combined with high-quality resin, with properties that are ideal for the daily use of the bathroom space. It is thanks to its properties that customized products can be created.

The material is extremely durable, as it is resistant to scratches, impacts and chemicals. In addition, it can be renewed, in case of mechanical damage to the surface of the basin by reporting the damage to a service technician. The possibility of renewing the surface extends the life of the product and allows you to enjoy it longer.

{Products from the Laufen Bespoke line made of Solid Surface,title=Products from the Laufen Bespoke line made of Solid Surface}

Products from the Laufen Bespoke line made of Solid Surface material


Bespoke products are fast turnaround and are ready for installation, and the easy processing of Solid Surface ensures that you can cut the product yourself at the final installation site.

Our custom offer has been used many times by major investors, for example, Laufen Bespoke can be found in the 56 Leonard Street building in New York. This is a unique 60-story apartment building designed by the Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron.

{Image@url=,alt=Nobu Hotel Warsaw,title=Nobu Hotel Warsaw}

Products from the Laufen Bespoke line were used in this prestigious project.


Recently, the spectacular Nobu Hotel Warsaw was built in Warsaw, which was equipped with custom products - Laufen Bespoke.

For more information, visit the company's ROCA Polska Sp.z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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