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Bathroom on time - bet on matte finishes!

15 of February '23

When arranging rooms, we are increasingly choosing matte decorations and finishes. This trend is also in fashion and is gaining popularity all the time. In the bathroom, which is a comfortable space for us to relax, matte furnishings are offered by the Laufen brand. The brand's wide range of products can be combined with models in gloss or other colors, giving the whole a completely new dimension.

Matte finishes can be found in many of the Laufen brand's top offerings. In the Ino collection, matte is accompanied by classic white. Matte is also used by the Sonar, Space, Palace and Val series with Base furniture - they offer this noble finish, which provides new and interesting possibilities and virtually unlimited choice.

Matowa łazienka

matte washbasin

© Laufen

The Kartellbylaufen collection has always referred to the world of fashion and current trends. That's why the series periodically offers the latest finishes and colors. This time you can choose ceramics in matte finish, in white, gray, graphite and black, to which you can match cabinets in matte white and Kartellbylaufen accessories. Such combinations with the rest of the wide range of colors offer great possibilities for composition.

Umywalka Alessi Łazienka na czasie, umywalka Alessi

Bathroom on trend, Alessi washbasin

© Laufen

Laufen's legendary Alessi collection also returns in a new look, also available in matte shades and earthy colors. This interpretation of each unique model of the collection allows to create a surprising effect.

Toaleta myjąca  Półka Alessi

washing toilet and cosmetics shelf

© Laufen

Deciding on the latest bathroom technology as used in Riva washing toilets, we can also choose its matte version in white or black. Buttons in white can be selected as the perfect complement to them. Fashionable matte decorations and finishes will help us create a bathroom space that provides peace, harmony and the right conditions for relaxation.

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