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Advantix Cleviva drain - unlimited possibilities of shower area design

25 of January '22

A flexible bathroom solution from Viega

Floor drains allow much more freedom in bathroom design than a traditional shower tray. Viega's Advantix Cleviva model can be placed anywhere in the shower area, such as centrally or against the wall itself. An interesting non-standard solution is to connect several drains together in a straight line, or arrange them in a corner or "U" shape. This looks very impressive, and at the same time provides greater efficiency.

Ciekawym, niestandardowym rozwiązaniem jest ułożenie odpływów w kształcie narożnika lub litery „U”.

An interesting non-standard solution is to arrange the drains in a corner or "U" shape.


The bathroom has long ceased to be only a room that performs sanitary functions. More and more often it is treated as a zone of relaxation, where comfort and aesthetics take on special importance. Therefore, architects and customers today are looking for solutions to arrange the interior of the bathroom in an attractive and individual way. This applies to both private residences and commercial facilities.

Advantix Cleviva drain is the perfect answer to these expectations. The elegant stainless steel profiles are available with one rounded, or two rectangular holes through which water drains. The offer also includes interesting color variants in line with current trends: brushed black, brushed gold, brushed champagne and brushed gold copper. This allows you to perfectly match the shade of the drain with other bathroom fixtures.

Jeśli chcemy uzyskać wyjątkowo długie odwodnienie, wystarczy połączyć ze sobą kilka odpływów Advantix Cleviva. Niepotrzebne są przy tym żadne specjalne łączniki, ani dodatkowe elementy montażowe

If you want an extra-long drain, simply connect several Advantix Cleviva drains together. This does not require any special connectors or additional assembly components.


Complete design freedom

Viega offers the drain in lengths: 800, 1000 or 1200 mm. Depending on the customer's needs, it can be shortened or freely extended by connecting several profiles together. To do this, all you need to do is install the appropriate number of point drains, draining the water. Connecting profiles is extremely easy, as they are finished on both sides with an even, flat surface. The proposed technical solution also allows you to install extremely impressive drains, connecting the profiles angularly in the shape of the letter "L" or "U". This does not require any special connectors or additional mounting components, as in the case of other products of this type. Designs using connected shower drains, are great for large bathrooms and bath salons, or for swimming pools or spa areas. At the same time, the attractive appearance of such a drain goes hand in hand with multiplied water drainage capacity. The required intermediate lengths are obtained by symmetrically shortening the flat ends by up to 10 cm on each side. In exceptional situations, the profile can be cut to a length of up to 300 mm.

Wyjątkowe możliwości aranżacyjne odpływu Advantix Cleviva zostały wykorzystane w znanym parku wodnym „Rulantica” w niemieckiej miejscowości Rust. Na zdjęciach widoczne są połączone ze sobą profile w kolorze szampański szczotkowany.

The unique design possibilities of the Advantix Cleviva drain were used in the well-known water park "Rulantica" in Rust, Germany. Pictured are the interconnected profiles in champagne brushed color.


Easy and safe installation

Advantix Cleviva is an original solution, combining the wide arrangement possibilities of a linear drain with the practical installation advantages of a point drain. Here, water is discharged in a narrow profile with an appropriate slope to a central drain with a pre-installed sealing mat. This makes the installation of the body and integration with the thin-film seal much easier, more efficient and safer.

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