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Architectural heritage and initiatives of Ukraine

03 of March '22

Ukraine is a huge country with a very diverse culture. Its architectural heritage, now under threat, can be explored through many sites dedicated to specific cities or historical periods. We encourage you to follow them and discover Ukrainian architecture. By raising our awareness, we fight against Russian propaganda that denies the distinctiveness of Ukrainian culture and national identity.

historical architecture

Архітектура України / Architecture of Ukraine - Facebook group

A group showcasing the rich arhitectonic heritage of Ukraine. Particular emphasis is placed on historic buildings not covered by any form of legal protection.

Monuments of ancient architecture are pearls of world value. Ukrainian Baroque - the highest peak of national art.... The era of classicism, which left behind beautiful gardens and grand temples.... Gothic and Neo-Gothic, Renaissance and Art Nouveau, Constructivism and Neo-Americanism and many other styles. (...) Did you know that Ukraine is the first country in the world with the largest number of wooden Orthodox churches?

Architektura Ukrainy

ZeFt - пам'ятки України

Various monuments of Ukraine and simply beautiful and interesting places. On the site you can find many monuments of architecture, history, monumental art, archaeology, culture, nature, garden art and simply beautiful and interesting places of Ukraine. A significant part is also occupied by street art.

Encyclopedia of Ukrainian architecture - link

This is an online project that shows a panorama of Ukrainian architecture through various media tools. The curators, as well as invited directors, video artists, media artists, architects in their photographic and video works, performances, collages analyze how society shapes architecture and how architecture shapes society. The project, created at the intersection of architecture, history, criticism, cinema and visual arts, encourages dialogue. This comprehensive approach maximizes the perception of the material environment, seeing it from different perspectives and forming one's own opinion of its current state. It is a revision of the role of the architect and today's architecture, an interpretation of the axioms of the field, a visualization of its elements, styles, processes and temporal changes.

Україна Інкогніта is dedicated to travel, unknown places, curiosities and nature of Ukraine.


Directory of Ukrainian modernist architecture.


Urban Forms Center

Is a non-governmental organization founded in 2014 in Kharkiv. It specializes in urban development of cities and municipalities and the study of the architectural and cultural heritage of Ukraine and the world. Its priorities are the use of knowledge and foreign know-how to improve the quality of life in Ukrainian cities and contribute to documentation, the study and preservation of world and Ukrainian architectural and cultural heritage, the promotion of Ukraine internationally, in particular the presentation of its history, architectural and cultural heritage.


Is an educational platform in the field of architecture and urban planning. CANactions' communication platform includes the Postgraduate School of Urban Studies, the International Festival of Architecture and the Public Program.


This is a non-profit, non-governmental contemporary culture platform founded in 2010 on the site of a former insulation material factory in Donetsk, Ukraine. On June 9, 2014, the site was seized by the militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic. IZOLYATSIA moved to the Kiev shipyard and continues to present cultural projects and support socially active artists and creative producers in Kiev, Ukraine and around the world, and serves as a resource for international curators, scholars, artists and ambassadors.

Urban Curators

Urban curators is an independent agency consisting of an interdisciplinary team working in the fields of urban planning, architecture and urban management, based in Kiev.


Is a social organization dedicated to the development of quality architectural and urban environments and the dissemination of knowledge about them. They organize architectural workshops to develop brownfields and abandoned public spaces, hold educational lectures to talk about their experiences and activities and invite experts for expert discussions, make outdoor furniture to revitalize neglected places, and establish cooperation between professionals and local communities to solve urban space problems.


Center for Urban History

The Center is an independent research institution working in several areas: urban history research, digital humanities and archiving, and public history. Its goal is to strengthen international research cooperation, explore the use of digital technologies in the humanities, and rethink the role of history in modern societies. The Center's work has several goals: to study the history of Eastern and Central European cities; to promote urban history in an interdisciplinary format; to foster international academic and cultural exchange; to deepen knowledge and understanding of the complexity and diversity of the history and heritage of Eastern and Central European cities; and to strengthen cooperation between local and international institutions.

CANactions School

It is an educational platform with offices in Kiev and Amsterdam. Its mission is to support the creation of places and communities where people enjoy living and working.
Since 2015, CANactions School has been running postgraduate interdisciplinary educational programs in urban studies, integrated urban development and strategic urban planning in the context of local and global urban challenges.

Kharkiv School of Architecture

A private architecture college - the first institution established in independent Ukraine with this profile. Its ambition is to become the best school of architecture in Eastern Europe, to start a new tradition in Ukrainian architecture, and to educate a new generation of architects and urban planners with deep professional knowledge, able to think critically and take responsibility for their work.

elaboration: Kacper Kępiński

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