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Brillux object service as a link between contractor, developer and architect

09 of June '23

For the smooth implementation of construction projects

Seamless coordination on the construction site: the Brillux design service supports architects as an intermediary between project participants. Technical consultants provide support at nine stages from concept to completion. The site service also includes the development of color concepts and training specifically tailored to architects' needs.

From the development of appropriate facility documentation to technical advice to construction completion, a smooth project flow is essential for timely and satisfactory completion.

Koordynacja usprawniająca pracę.

Coordination to streamline work. - Brillux often accompanies the construction process from the very beginning and ensures the exchange of information between the parties involved.

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Brillux's design service supports designers from the very beginning. And that includes directly on the construction site," explains Julie Hornung, head of the Customer Experience Architektur team at Brillux.

Technical consultants assess the ground situation on site and recommend further procedures. In this way, they form the basis for smooth cooperation between the finishing company, the investor and the architectural firm.

Often it is necessary to mediate between implementation and budget assumptions. Brillux then shows possible solutions," reports Julie Hornung.

In addition to the optimal use of Brillux products, emphasis is also placed on developing detailed construction solutions. To this end, experienced Brillux consultants make samples on the surface in question and train contractors in the use of particular products or construction techniques.

Obecność na miejscu

On-site presence - Technical advisors familiarize themselves with the construction site, examine the substrate and recommend appropriate products and solutions.

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Color projects and seminars enhance offerings

Brillux color studios help with the project from the very beginning. All aspects such as building style, lighting, administrative requirements, current color trends, color psychology and perception habits are taken into account when developing color concepts. Brillux color designers develop individual color concepts, as well as master color plans for projects of any size. Three-dimensional architectural visualizations also stimulate clients' imaginations.

W Studiach kolorów projektanci opracowują kreatywne koncepcje kolorystyczne i przemyślane schematy kolorystyczne.

At the Color Studios, designers develop creative color concepts and thoughtful color schemes. - More information on color shades, textures and products can be obtained through the Brillux app.

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For more information, visit the company's BRILLUX POLSKA Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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